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Friday, January 28, 2005

The RPI Gives Warriors Fighting Chance

Much has been made by MU's recent slide against some quality competition. It is important to remember the NCAA selection committee uses many criteria to select the 65 team field. One of those is the Ratings Percentage Index, or RPI. There are dozens of sites on the Internet that attempt to recreate the RPI so fans can track their team's progress. We are no different.

It is important to note that the RPI is not the end-all or the be-all. But it is a good historical indicator of what teams have been selected.

Today's CollegeRpi places Marquette with a RPI rating of 50 and a Schedule strength of 65. That rating is squarely in "BUBBLE TERRITORY".

Historical RPI ratings of teams left out or brought in

  • The lowest rated teams to get at-large bids: #74 New Mexico (1999) and #70 Air Force (2004).
  • The highest rated team ever left out: #33 Oklahoma (1994).
  • Most teams from one conference: 7 (Big 10 - 1994, 1999, 2001).
  • Fewest wins to get an at large berth: 16 (7 times, last by Georgia - 2001).
  • Most losses to get an at large berth: 14 (Georgia - 2001).
  • Worst record to get an at large berth: 16-14 .533 (Georgia - 2001)
  • Number of times a team with at least 20 wins has been left out: 118
  • ... among major-conference teams: 22
  • ... among the big six: 2 (Alabama - 2001, Syracuse - 2002. Note - Miss St had 20 total wins in 1999 and was left out, but one win was outside Division I)
  • Most wins left out: 25 (Butler - 2002)
  • Best record left out: 24-3 .889 (Utah St - 2004)
  • ... among major-conference teams: 20-7 .741 (Hawaii - 1997)
  • ... among the big six: 19-9 .679 (West Virginia - 1997)
  • Number of non-major conference teams to get an at large berth: 26
  • Number of non-major conference teams to get an at large berth without winning their conference regular season title: 1 (SW Missouri St - 1999)
  • Highest RPI ranking for a sub-.500 team: 46 (Arkansas - 2002)

    In 2004, #50 (Oklahoma) was left out of the NCAAs, but number 60 Washington was put in. Generally, if you are in the top 40 you are going to make it.

    Marquette's projected RPI right now is 37 with a 21-7 record prior to playing in the CUSA tournament.

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