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That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Table of JUCOs Value Add; with Jamail Jones gone there is an outside possibility of a big JUCO stepping in

Marquette has recently lost some size with Aaron Durley going to TCU and Jamail Jones transferring out. This might leave open an outside chance Marquette would try to go to the JUCO ranks to attempt to get someone like Jameel McKay or even Keith Coleman. However, in general there is not a lot of value in the JUCO ranks. Of the top 100 JUCO transfers last year, only 51 had any Value Add. Certainly Buzz was masterful with JUCOs to quickly fill the void, but now that MU is deep there is not the need for a quick fix. It is certainly possible that JUCO player of the year could be a top 100 player for Mississippi like the last two were, as Jae Crowder had a 5.95% Value Add his first year to be the 69th most valuable player in the country, and then last year Pierre Jackson was actually even better with a 6.06% to come in at 49th in the country. However, only 11 incoming JUCO players were among the top 500 players last year (2.73% Value Add or higher), and only 22 were even in the top 1000 (1.31% or higher). Based on this, we are in the process of adding the JUCO's below to www.valueaddbasketball.com.

JUCONew TeamHeightValue Add
Marshall HendersonMississippi6'26.00
Waverly AustinSouth Florida6'114.83
Deverell BiggsNebraska6'4.29
Orlando SanchezSt. John's6'83.50
Fabyon HarrisTexas A&M5'103.35
Hunter HarrisEast Tennessee State6'63.24
Colin BorchertAvailable6'83.18
Nathan SobeyWyoming6'33.14
Titus RublesCincinnati6'83.09
Geron JohnsonMemphis6'42.93
Marcus TarranceSouth Carolina State6'62.73
Jameel McKayAvailable6'82.17
Richard CarterDrake6'02.02
Christopher JonesPrairie View A&M5'101.82
Kenny WilliamsTexas El Paso6'71.81
Jason CarterMississippi6'81.75
T.J. TaylorMarquette6'31.69
Antoine AllenSouth Alabama6'21.67
Jerrold BrooksAvailable6'1.55
Nicholas WigginsWichita State6'61.50
Kelvin DanielsArkansas State6'21.37
Lester MedfordAvailable5'111.34
Marquel CurtisAvailable6'31.31
Keith ColemanAvailable6'91.25
Matt KorcheckArizona6'91.21
Reggie MurphyTCU6'91.14
Michael CraigTexas Southern6'41.14
Musa Abdul-AleemSouth Florida6'51.11
Fahro AlihodzicAvailable6'91.08
Derrick Barden, Jr.Northern Colorado6'51.02
Asauhn Dixon-TatumAuburn7'01.00
Mike MyersSouthern Miss6'81.00
Brian FreemanArizona State6'80.99
Cleanthony EarlyWichita State6'80.96
Travis WilkinsAvailable6'30.93
Quantel DensonMissouri6'80.93
Darren GoodsonKent State6'40.85
Xavier MunfordAvailable6'20.79
Robert GilchristFlorida State6'90.76
Jeremy McKayAvailable5'110.70
Matt SellersWyoming6'100.66
Richaun HolmesBowling Green6'90.62
Trivante BloodmanAvailable6'00.50
Brandon SpearmanAvailable6'30.50
Rod RuckerAvailable6'50.50
DJ BennettAvailable6'80.50
DeSean AndersonAvailable6'80.50
Vincent GarrettRutgers6'50.50
Daris ScarverSouthern Miss6'40.50
Marco BourgaultSt. John's6'60.50
Andrew YoungTexas A&M6'90.50
Brenden CooperSt. Bonaventure6'70.40
Renan LenzUtah6'90.40
Rafriel GuthrieTowson6'20.34
Frank RogersSan Francisco6'80.30
Derek CookeWyoming6'90.29
Orlando RutledgeTennessee-Martin6'50.23
Emmanuel AndrewsLiberty6'0.21
John OdohNorth Texas6'110.21
Brandon MorrisHouston6'00.20
Kevin HardenIPFW6'20.20
Malte KramerPepperdine6'70.20
Gary Ricks Jr.Drake6'10.19
D'Vonne PickettSeattle5'100.19
Tione WomackHouston6'10.14
Yanick MoreiraAvailable6'110.11
Devon BranchOregon6'50.10
J.T. TerrellUSC6'30.02
Mark McLaughlinWashington6'60.02
However I should add it is far harder to peg how the JUCO's stack up against each other, so their 2013 projections are likely much less accurate than for incoming freshman, transfers and of course returning players. That being said, we already have the 17th best JUCO on the board in TJ Taylor, and the only other two that seem a possibility at all are 6-foot-8 Jameel McKay and Keith Coleman, ranked 12th and 24th in projected Value Add among current JUCOs (see table above). McKay is highly sought after but could choose to come back to Milwaukee. Keith Coleman is pretty unlikely, but I mention him because at 6-foot-9 he was considered the top JUCO initially by some, but Nebraska released him from his commitment after he shot 32% from the line and apparently continually threw the ball away - so he would be a wild gamble even at 24th on the list. The order is based on the recent JUCO All-American selections averaged with the impressions of www.jucorecruiting.com, www.rivals.com and www.Scout.com.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lockett could be a huge upgrade, particularly as Otule ranks as 18th best 2013 player 6'11 or taller and Nolan could be in the wings

With Chris Otule coming back as the 18th best true big men in the country next year, the possibility that Trent Lockett might sign this week to fill the spot of the just released Aaron Durley would be a huge upgrade for MUs prospects in 2013. I do encourage people to do their own searches by clicking here on the database of all players, and when you punch in Durley and Lockett, here is what you get:

Season RankPlayerTeamHtClassOffDefPG/PerValue AddYear
1497Durley, AaronMarquette6'9"1 Fr0.43-0.1900.632013
1048Lockett, TrentAvailable6'4"4 Sr1.29001.292013
1428Lockett, TrentArizona St.6'4"3 Jr1.15100.652012
496Lockett, TrentArizona St.6'4"2 So2.09002.592011
887Lockett, TrentArizona St.6'5"1 Fr0.72-0.8101.522010
The 2013 projections for all players are based on typical progression from their previous year or how similarly ranked high school prospects have done in the past. By that count, getting Lockett to take Durley's spot means going from the projected 1497th best player to the 1048th best player. However, when we look at Lockett's career rather than just last year, he looks like a clear top 500 player at the very least. As a freshman in 2010, he was the 887th best player, and Pomeroy matches his freshman year as the closest match to Wesley Matthews freshman season. Then Lockett did what most sophomores do by more than doubling his offense to be the 496th best player as a sophomore. And if I based projections on an entire career he would probably project as a top 200 player as a senior - but the math is too complicated so the official projection is based just on his junior year when he fell to the 1428th best player in the land. However, subjectively it has to appear that this was because he had to play for one of the worst defensive teams in the high majors - giving him a +1 rating on defense (you want negative numbers on defense like he had his freshman year) due to the team defense being so bad - and we can only assume his offense fell off more due to playing for the team that was the 4th worst team in the country at turning the ball over. Throw out that year and you have a guy who could step in for his one year at MU this coming season and potentially even be the best player on the team. 2013 projections: Otule ranks as 18th best player 6'11" or taller The disappointment for some fans of course is that there was hope Buzz may have found a diamond in the rough to give MU a future dominant big man in Durley. If we go back to the database and SEARCH 6'11" and then 7' and combine the two lists, we see that we already have one of the 20 most valuable players 6'11 or taller in Chris Otule. As I've pointed out in the past, switchables are typically much more valuable than 7-footers - so while we can certainly wish we had a Jerome Whitehead or Jim Chones again - and big reasons that I have Indiana and Baylor as they top two teams next year is Cody Zeller and Isaiah Austin - there just aren't that many real good 7-footers. If Otule can stay healthy and get the 6th year medical redshirt, then we have one of the top 20 big guys for the next two years and Lockett would be a huge upgrade. Here are the top 20 players 6'11" or taller:
Season RankPlayerTeamHtClassOffDefValue Add
1Zeller, CodyIndiana6'11"2 So9.41-2.0911.5
64Muscala, MikeBucknell6'11"4 Sr5.36-0.996.34
75Austin, IsaiahBaylor7'0"1 Fr4.2-1.886.08
121Kelly, RyanDuke6'11"4 Sr4.42-0.935.35
170Brown, AlecWisconsin Green Bay7'1"3 Jr2.85-1.874.72
226Marshall, ZekeAkron7'04 Sr2.4-1.264.17
281Kadji, KennyMiami FL6'11"4 Sr2.73-1.063.79
287Tarczewski, KalebArizona7'0"1 Fr2.59-1.163.75
309Miller, DanielGeorgia Tech6'11"3 Jr1.66-1.963.61
314Henriquez, JordanKansas St.7'04 Sr1.25-2.333.58
372Smith, AndrewButler6'11"4 Sr2.6-0.693.28
443Cauley, WillieKentucky7'0"1 Fr2.03-0.912.94
468Woodbury, AdamIowa7'0"1 Fr1.93-0.872.8
472Upshaw, RobertFresno St.7'0"1 Fr1.93-0.872.8
513Lopez, CarlosNevada Las Vegas6'11"3 Jr1.82-0.82.63
519Dedmon, DewayneSouthern California7'03 Jr0.74-1.382.62
647Olynyk, KellyGonzaga6'11"4 Sr1.01-1.192.2
677Otule, ChrisMarquette6'11"4 Sr0.01-2.082.09
683Loe, RobSt. Louis6'11"3 Jr1.15-0.932.08
691Williams, AmirOhio St.6'11"2 So1.41-0.632.05
So I believe the game has changed enough that while we are thrilled at Chris' progress, there are more important things than ever landing a 7-footer. However, the evidence seems to be that there are more and more really good 6-foot-10 players, which is one of the reasons I was temporarily very excited that there was talk of us getting Aaric Murray to transfer last year. So certainly I cannot deny that landing either him (projected 142nd best player) or Gorgui Dieng (ranked 15th best) would have been huge breakthroughs, and maybe it will take one signing like that to be the final piece of the puzzle for another Final Four run - just as Robert Jackson was in 2003. The Value of 6'10" players like Phillip Nolan The following are the 6'10" players ranked higher than Otule, so if I had added them to the list above, Otule would rank as the 50th best player 6'10" in the country - still a very solid place to be not too long after watching Lazar Hayward have to play out of position at center. 15 Dieng, Gorgui of Louisville; 57 McGary, Mitch of Michigan; 66 Adams, Steven of Pittsburgh; 107 Plumlee, Mason of Duke; 126 Berggren, Jared of Wisconsin; 129 Wear, Travis of UCLA; 142 Murray, Aaric of West Virginia; 164 Cohen, Jake of Davidson; 183 Payne, Adreian of Michigan St.; 216 Bohannon, John of Texas El Paso; 228 Motum, Brock of Washington St.; 246 Yarou, Mouphtaou of Villanova; 275 Murphy, Erik of Florida; 291 Wear, David of UCLA; 293 Ridley, Cameron of Texas; 315 Coursey, Daniel of Mercer; 342 Joaquim, Vander of Hawaii; 378 Ubel, Brandon of Nebraska; 383 Reves, Jordan of Texas Arlington; 398 Ochefu, Daniel of Villanova; 400 Staff, Matt of Texas St.; 402 Johnson, Reggie of Miami FL; 470 Moreland, Eric of Oregon St.; 481 Smith, Joshua of UCLA; 554 Ibeh, Prince of Texas; 559 Brandt, Angus of Oregon St.; 560 Keita, Baye of Syracuse; 575 Austin, Nate of Brigham Young; 586 Black, Cameron of Bowling Green; 603 Maduka, Kodi of Tulsa; 608 James, Joel of North Carolina; 610 Wroblicky, Tony of American. When I search AVAILABLE under the team column and 2013 under the year column, there is only one 6-foot-10 player still out there who projects to be a top 1200 player. That is Milwaukee's own Phillip Nolan who projects to be the 829th best player in the country as a freshman. If he truly does want to be at Marquette and is going to prep school for a year, he really could be the final piece of the 2014 squad.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Value Add Database now a click away - big tables now replaced by instant search results for 16,434 player seasons since 2009 and 2013 projections

From now on you can click here for quick look-ups of any player's Value Add for each of his seasons. No more posts of huge tables - 16,434 player seasons from 2009 through 2013 projections can be searched with lightning speed. You can opt for more advanced searches but a slightly slower database by clicking here for the ADVANCED PULLDOWN Value Add database. I split the four images I pulled in this blog and left out some of the columns to fit our Cracked Sidewalks layout.

While a confidentiality agreement prevents me from publishing the statistical NBA Indicators that gave clear indication that Blake Griffin would be a much better pro player than Ty Lawson and Anthony Davis will be a great NBA player while Jon Scheyer may never come back from the Israeli league to play in the NBA, the fact is that Scheyer was every bit as valuable in leading Duke to the national title from the point as Davis was in leading Kentucky to the title from center. A player's Value Add is a good start to identifying players like DeJuan Blair and Norris Cole as surprise stars, but it is less than 30% of the equation for future NBA play. From the quick look-up database you can enter a word like "Butler" to get the following pull:
On these simple searches, you get Jimmy Butler and every other player with the last name Butler, as well as every player who played for Butler. One interesting thing I noticed when doing this is that Value Add contradicted conventional wisdom surrounding three great Marquette duos by calculating that even as a junior Butler was more valuable than Hayward, Matthews was more valuable than McNeal and when they were both juniors Crowder was more valuable than DJO. While certainly many fans would debate any of those three, it does appear that stars that are the focus often try to do a bit TOO much and end up with late missed shots and turnovers that pushes them slightly below the player who plays within himself. It appears in all three cases Value Add was a better predictor of future NBA play (despite not even factoring NBA Indicators yet), as Butler was just ranked as the 23rd best NBA rookie by ESPN, Matthews became the highest paid 2nd year NBA player in history, and Crowder did not even have to go Portsmouth due to his rising stock that is not reflected in the mock drafts just because they are running behind what the teams believe in this case. If you want to look at the team rankings coming into next year, you can just type "team" in the search all columns field, and you get this:
While Notre Dame is loaded, they do drop from 3rd to 13th for next year if Tim Abromaitis is NOT granted a 6th year - which I have heard but cannot verify. Cody Zeller and Indiana are clearly the best player and team heading into the season, though Jared Sullinger was clearly the top Value Add headed into this season. Of course a lot can change, but I believe fans are assuming Kentucky's No. 1 class can shoot them to No. 1 again just like Anthony Davis did for them last year. However, when we type "Available" into the search box it just doesn't look like there is enough Value Add left among unsigned high school players to push Kentucky past Indiana:
I've already given Kentucky credit for getting exactly half of the Value of the top four players they are recruiting, but even if they sign all four of the top players they are chasing I still have them as the third best team behind Indiana and Baylor. It is almost unheard of for a freshman to be as valuable as Davis - even Wall and Cousins simply were not close to his level of play their freshman year - so as great as their freshman class is and could be getting these last four, I still don't believe they will be the best team in the land. Certainly they will be the favorites when Indiana has to play AT Kentucky this year due to the home court advantage, but in the tournament Indiana would be the early favorite. Finally if you want to do more advanced searches you can click here for the ADVANCED PULLDOWN to search multiple items at once. For example, you could pull one name at a time through the PLAYER pull down and choose all potential transfers to Marquette to compare them all on one screen. Or you could pull down all "PG" NBA prospects (which is the position I listed for DJO by the way), and then under class pull down "FR" to see how all potential NBA Point Guards played during their freshman seasons. We have beta tested the database links, and they actually both have performed well on Mac systems, Safari on iPhones and Google Chrome on PCs - so you may want to always use the ADVANCED PULLDOWN version. However, for some reason that runs slower on Explorer, so you may find you want to use the faster system instead. I hope that this database enables others to calculate or make comparisons of items they would like studied, always siting Cracked Sidewalks of course. I do anticipate the 2006 through 2008 seasons being added during the coming week, as this web data base is able to quickly search and display many times the 25,000 or so seasons that will be entered at that point.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Could Marquette have most balanced team in 2012-13; and another 3-seed?

Since I ran the initial projections for next year's rankings hours after the national championship, a good number of things have settled out with high school players choosing colleges and college players deciding to go pro or stay. After Brew's excellent piece on the good job MU is doing to schedule to get a better shot at a high seed, I was thrilled to rerun the numbers and see Marquette shoot up to a 3-seed.

In addition, several fans pointed out in the projections that the big problem was that a top recruit that was saddled on the bench for a year someplace like Kentucky should still project out to be a strong player was given his chance – rather than to repeat his ZERO. So I ran a simply “Kentucky conversion,” making every player who was in the Rivals 150 either of the last two years project out to at least the Value Add we would have expected from them as a freshman.

While Kentucky predictably jumped way up to No. 10 in the country pending four big recruits they are still pursing, the fund surprise when I ran the numbers as that Marquette jumped from the mid-30s to No. 11 as one of only two teams (besides Baylor) with 12 top 1000 players. In fact, if Trent Lockett is truly signing with MU, it would actually nudge us slightly ahead of Kentucky for No. 10:

153Davante Gardner6'8"Jr3.74-
319Jamil Wilson6'7"Jr1.92-1.640.003.56
326Vander Blue6'4"Jr2.43-1.09 3.52
457Todd Mayo6'3"So2.25-0.610.002.86
524Junior Cadougan6'1"Sr0.16-0.951.502.61
528Jamail Jones6'6"Jr1.77-0.80 2.57
607Juan Anderson6'6"So1.61-0.72 2.33
676Chris Otule6'11"Jr0.01-2.08 2.09
831T.J. Taylor6'3"So1.17-0.52 1.69
844Steve Taylor6'7"Fr1.16-0.52 1.68
938Jake Thomas6'3"Sr1.490.00 1.49
967Jamal Ferguson6'3"Fr0.99-0.44 1.43
1043Trent Lockett6'4"Sr1.
1314Derrick Wilson6'0So0.26-0.710.000.97
1501Aaron Durley6'9"Fr0.43-0.19 0.63
 Total with Lockett     32.97
 Total with Durley     32.31

Not only is Baylor the only team to team to match Marquette’s 12 in the top 1000 (Baylor also has 4 top 100 players), but Michigan State is the only other team with 11 and Indiana is the only other team with 10. So while Marquette will not be the best team in the country next year, we could go from having the second best duo in the country to potentially having the most balanced team in the country. In fact, before being stuck with one of the worst BCS teams in the country the last couple of years, Lockett was a top 1000 player as a freshman at Arizona State in a season that Pomeroy says most closely mirrors Wesley Matthews freshman campaign.

Of course, the one problem with this much balance is that it will likely filter down to an 8-man rotation. So what we are really saying is not that Marquette will end the season with 12 or 13 players in the top 1000, but that with 13 players capable of doing it we have a lot of chances for a few players to step up and be top 200 players, and a few more to step up and be top 500 players, etc. A team with only five top 500 players and no others in the top 1000 can fall apart much quicker if two of their players have off years.

We are close to setting up a separate database so you can pull up all these players, but for now I’ll give you the rest of the run of which teams would be seeded where in the NCAA tournament, or make the NIT based on the total projected Value Add they have right now. Since Kentucky is the one team still in the mix for four of the top freshmen, I split the difference with them and assumed they would get two of their final targets.

All caps indicates the automatic NCAA bid for being the top team in their conference:

RankTeamConfProj TotSeed
7Michigan St.B1034.012
8Ohio St.B1033.812
25Iowa St.B1228.377
26North CarolinaACC28.127
28Oklahoma St.B1227.957
35Kansas St.B1226.629
38SAINT JOSEPH'SA1026.1010
41New MexicoMWC25.3211
42Illinois St.MVC24.5411
46Virginia TechACC24.0712-PI
47La SalleA1023.8412-PI
60SOUTH DAKOTA ST.Sum22.3713
83UTAH ST.WAC17.7614
50Oregon St.P1223.54NIT
53San Diego St.MWC23.26NIT
57West VirginiaB1222.80NIT
58St. LouisA1022.80NIT
62Colorado St.MWC21.35NIT
63Miami FLACC21.28NIT
66St. Mary'sWCC20.83NIT
67Texas TechB1220.10NIT
69Northern IowaMVC19.60NIT
75South CarolinaSEC18.77NIT
76St. John'sBE18.73NIT
79Georgia TechACC18.33NIT
81Seton HallBE18.03NIT
82Washington St.P1217.98NIT
84Murray St.OVC17.65NIT
85South FloridaBE17.55NIT
89Central FloridaCUSA17.24NIT
90North TexasSB17.12NIT
92Middle TennesseeSB16.89NIT

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Early Look at the 2012-13 Schedule

About 11 months ago, Marquette was finalizing their non-conference schedule, and I posited that the quality of opponents could result in the Warriors finishing in the top-20 in both RPI and SOS. According to RealTimeRPI.com, I was being a bit modest, as Marquette finished #9 in RPI and #13 in SOS. Over the next month, we'll get a much better idea of the 13 teams Marquette will face in the non-conference in 2012-13. Here's an early look at the teams we know we'll be playing, and ideas for what Marquette should do with their open dates.

Teams We Know

Wisconsin (Home) -- The Badgers come to the BC this year. They'll be a quality opponent, as they have finished as a RPI top-20 team 3 years in a row. Despite losing Jordan Taylor, they return almost everyone else and should be near the top of the B1G yet again.

LSU (Home) -- Head coach Trent Johnson left, but as of right now, the top five scorers are returning to a top-100 RPI team. Over the past 4 years, 89.6% of SEC teams have finished in the RPI top-150, so even if LSU has a down year, they should be a decent opponent.

UW-Green Bay (Away) -- The Phoenix return their top four scorers including star big man Alec Brown. While they may not compete with Butler and Valpo for the Horizon League crown, this should still be a solid RPI team and a good (and possibly dangerous) road game.

Maui Invitational (1 Home, 3 Neutral) -- We will get 4 games out of Maui, with one mainland home game. Last year's mainland teams included two top-100 RPI teams, Belmont and MTSU, and two sub-200 teams, UNC-Greensboro and Towson. We'll hope for one of the upper-level teams. When we get there, it looks like the four top teams will be UNC, Marquette, Texas, and Butler, all of whom boast some quality talent and could be tournament teams. Then there's Illinois, USC, Mississippi State, and Chaminade, all of whom most likely will not have very good seasons. Of those four, Illinois is probably the best bet at a decent opponent. The ideal path would be Illinois, Texas/Butler, North Carolina. Hopefully they don't pair Texas and Butler in the first round feeding to UNC, because a scenario of Chaminade, USC/MSU, UNC could hurt our RPI more than help it if we didn't win the tournament.

The Other Six Games

UW-Milwaukee (Home) -- I feel like this one is almost inevitable. If we continue this series, it should be on a buy basis only, or if we have to play there, no less than a 5-for-1. The game at the Cell was too close for comfort last year, and while Milwaukee is a solid bet to finish in the 100-150 RPI range, that's hardly worth risking local bragging rights on a road game. I think the fans expect the series to continue, but this (and honestly, Green Bay as well) should be done as buy games only. There's no need to go there.

High-Major One-And-One (Away) -- Over the past few years, we've had some nice series with teams like NC State, Vanderbilt, and LSU. Right now, we don't have a true high-major road game, which would be a good boost to the schedule. So who should we schedule? The ideal foe would be one that is a middle of the pack squad and potential tournament team from the B1G, SEC, ACC, or Big 12 that will be better in 2013-14 (when we get them at home). Here are some ideal foes, two teams from each league: Purdue, Minnesota, Georgia, Ole Miss, Maryland, Miami, Oklahoma State, or Kansas State.

Big East/SEC Challenge (Home or Away) -- After not being picked as one of the 12 Big East representatives last year, I have to imagine we'll get the call this year. I'm not picky in terms of who we get, though how cool would Marquette/Kentucky at the Bradley Center be?

Mid-Major Two-For-One (Home) -- This is a bit of a dream, but I think getting a solid mid-major program on a two-for-one would be better than the standard cupcake. I doubt this happens this year because at a glance, our non-conference looks stacked, but I think Murray State would be perfect for this. Let us get Isaiah Canaan at home in a game we should win, then after he graduates, we go play at their place. One more at home against a quality mid-major in 2014. Other good candidates for this would be Davidson, Xavier, Butler, and St. Louis.

The Cupcakes (2 Home) -- With the last two games, all I'd hope for would be teams that won't be sub-300 next year. What made our 2011 non-con schedule so great was that teams like Mount St. Mary's, Jacksonville, and Northern Colorado stayed in the top-300 RPI. Lesser teams are okay, just not god-awful teams. The best way to do that is to buy games by conference rather than team expectations. I would start by trying to get a game with a team from the Colonial Athletic Association. In the past four years, they have only had one sub-300 RPI team. Next I would look at the improving Summit League, which had zero sub-300 teams last year, and of the six in the past four years, two were Centenary, a team that is no longer in D1. Other leagues with teams worth a look include the MAC, Horizon, and Patriot Leagues, or if we want to spend a bit more, the Missouri Valley, West Coast, or WAC. If we end the Milwaukee deal, add one more of these cupcakes to round out the schedule.

After watching what Mike Broeker and Buzz Williams managed with the schedule last year, I have great faith in their scheduling. Despite losing Jae and DJO, this is a largely veteran team that can handle a heavy load, and I think 7 high-major opponents (if Maui's kind) would be not only realistic, it'd be manageable. I also still feel the best way to build a schedule is by limiting the truly top-level and bottom-level teams. With UW and possibly UNC, we don't need to go after any more big fish. Take what the Big East/SEC challenge gives us and aim for teams that we should beat from conferences that promise solid RPI numbers. Our 3-seed this past year wasn't by accident, and continued aggressive scheduling will allow us to continue earning top-5 seeds on Selection Sunday.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Projecting 2012-13 (Part 4 of 4): Projecting the top 100 teams and top 2000 players for the 2012-13 season

The following are the projected Top 100 basketball teams for the 2012-13 season based on Value Add projects, which are explained below the table. The number to the left of each team indicates where the team would rank if they sign the key recruit(s) they are in contention for (“?recruit” on the link) and kept any player on the fence on entering the NBA draft (“?draft”), while there is a note on how far they would fall if they do not. The following are the links to the top 2000 players for 2012-13:

Air Force to Furman projected top 2000 players for 2012-13 season

Gardner Webb to Marist projected top 2000 players for 2012-13 season

Marquette to Syracuse projected top 2000 players for 2012-13 season

Temple to Youngstown State projected top 2000 players for 2012-13 season

And here are the top 100 teams:

If get/keep all 50/50s recruits & NBA prospectsValue Add best caseIf lose/don't get any 50/50sValue Add worst case
1Indiana47.30drops to 17th31.13
2Duke42.93drops to 42nd23.88
3UCLA39.03drops to 34th25.96
4North Carolina St.37.80drops to 29th27.50
5Texas37.10drops to 16th32.61
6Kentucky35.91drops to 78th17.66
7Georgetown35.71drops to 36th25.38
8Louisville35.58drops to 23rd29.24
9Notre Dame35.51solid - at least 9th35.51
10Baylor34.23drops to 18th31.57
11Pittsburgh33.66drops to 30th33.66
12Florida33.54drops to 30th27.46
13Ohio St.33.23drops to 75th18.73
14Missouri33.01drops to 26th28.52
15Memphis32.97drops to 29th27.85
16Michigan St.31.72solid - at least 16th31.72
17Minnesota31.63drops to 19th30.22
18Providence30.36solid - at least 18th30.36
19Kansas30.34drops to 54th22.12
20Nevada Las Vegas29.95drops to 38th25.23
21Creighton29.74solid - at least 21st29.74
22Oregon St.29.41solid - at least 22nd29.41
23Syracuse29.00solid - at least 23rd29.00
24Wisconsin28.86solid - at least 24th28.86
25Tennessee28.64solid - at least 25th28.64
26California28.42solid - at least 26th28.42
27Iowa St.28.37solid - at least 27th28.37
28Michigan28.01drops to 98th15.72
29Gonzaga27.48drops to 53rd22.37
30Villanova26.80drop to 57th21.27
31Connecticut26.38drop out of top 10012.56
32Iowa26.24solid - at least 33rd26.24
33Marquette26.22solid - at least 33rd, as high as 24th26.22
34Saint Joseph's26.10solid - at least 34th26.10
35Temple25.49solid - at least 35th25.49
36New Mexico25.32solid - at least 36th25.32
37Alabama25.28drop to 62nd20.78
38Kansas St.24.86solid - at least 38th24.86
39Illinois St.24.54solid24.54
42La Salle23.84solid23.84
43North Carolina23.72drops to 91st16.82
44Virginia Commonwealth23.72solid23.72
47San Diego St.23.26drop to 76th18.39
51West Virginia22.80solid22.80
52St. Louis22.80solid22.80
53South Dakota St.22.37solid22.37
57Colorado St.21.35solid21.35
58Virginia Tech21.34solid21.34
59Miami FL21.28drop to 75th18.22
61St. Mary's20.83solid20.83
62Oklahoma St.20.75solid20.75
63Seton Hall20.56drop to 77th18.03
64South Carolina Upstate19.90solid19.90
66Northern Iowa19.60solid19.60
67Oregon19.49 14.77
68Washington19.43 14.71
70Texas Tech19.18solid19.18
77Utah St.17.76solid17.76
78Murray St.17.65drop out of top 1009.57
79Southern California17.64drop out of top 10015.10
80Georgia17.58drop out of top 10014.55
81South Florida17.55solid17.55
86Central Florida17.24solid17.24
88Washington St.17.14solid17.14
89South Carolina17.09solid17.09
90Middle Tennessee16.89solid16.89
92Georgia Tech16.42solid16.42
93Robert Morris16.29solid16.29
94Mississippi St.16.14solid16.14
95East Carolina16.06solid16.06
97Cleveland St.15.78solid15.78

As an example, if Duke signs Shabazz Muhammad, Tony Parker and Amile Jefferson, and Mason Plumlee stays for another year before going to the draft, then based on Value Add Duke would rank No. 2 in the country. However, if none of those players play for Duke next year then they would drop all the way to 42nd.

If you have questions on how any players performance was projected, you can refer back to the first three parts of this series on; 1, red shirts returning to action, 2, the average improvement of players from the 2010-11 season, and 3) incoming freshmen. There were few final calculations for players, such as adding the defensive penalty for players who show no value on defense and are part of a team that gives up more than 1.025 points per trip down the court against and average offense, and there are some slight changes in players ranks from the Part 2 article because we have now grouped all returning players into one ranking.

Indiana would rank No. 1 in the country if Cody Zeller and Christian Watford stay, but even if they both left Indiana would rank as the 17th best team in the country.

Other teams like Marquette appear set for the 2012-13 season, so they are just waiting to see which teams near them in the standings get recruits to improve themselves. Based on only players who are “definitely” playing right now, Marquette is the 24th best team in the country based on projected Value Add. However, if every team behind Marquette were to get every player they were pursuing or trying to keep, then Marquette could fall as low as 33rd place.

I personally believe that Marquette is a solid top 20 team, because these numbers are based on the typical improvement a college player makes between his freshman and sophomore year, junior and senior year, etc. The fact is that players under Buzz Williams have progressed at a much better pace than anticipated, resulting in McNeal and Matthews going from pretty good players to 2nd team All-American and highest paid 2nd year player in the NBA respectively; Lazar Hayward went from the 2nd best player on his high school team to a 1st round NBA pick; Jimmy Butler went from a ZERO star recruit to first round NBA pick, and Jae Crowder went from being projected as the 48th most valuable player this year to actually becoming the 2nd most valuable.

With potential for so many players to take it to another level this year under Buzz, I believe some combination of Davante Gardner, Jamil Wilson, Vander Blue, Todd Mayo will jump well past the projected Value Add and push Marquette solidly into the Top 20.

As noted on each link to the players, please post a comment or email to jpudner@concentricgrasstops.com to point out any errors or changes.

Air Force to Furman projected top 2000 players for 2012-13 season

The projected top 2000 players in the country for the 2012-13 season are listed below by team. The list is broken into four parts. Please post a comment below or email jpudner@concentricgrasstops.com to note any changes or mistakes, and they will be fixed. There are about 4000 players who play Division I basketball, but only the top 2000 are listed. This section also includes “available” high school players who would be expected to add value, but have not signed yet.

RankPlayerTeamHtYrStatusOffDefPG/PerValue Add
550Todd FletcherAir Force6' 2"Sr 1.390.001.002.39
764Mike FitzgeraldAir Force6' 6"Sr 1.710.000.001.71
1122Taylor BroekhuisAir Force6' 10"Sr
1236Kamryn WilliamsAir Force6' 4"So 0.00-0.500.501.00
1419Kyle GreenAir Force6' 2"Sr
1734Michael LyonsAir Force6' 6"Sr 0.350.000.000.35
1831Justin HammondsAir Force6' 7"So
1858Chris CarterAir Force6' 3"So 0.00-
155Alex AbreuAkron5' 10"Jr 3.33-0.501.004.83
220Zeke MarshallAkron7' 0Sr?DraftD2.40-1.260.504.17
230Brian WalshAkron6' 5"Jr 3.51-0.110.504.12
619Demetrius TreadwellAkron6' 7"So 1.37-0.810.002.18
765Chauncey GilliamAkron6' 5"Sr 1.710.000.001.71
1000Nick HarneyAkron6' 7"Jr 0.99-
1342Quincy DiggsAkron6' 6"Sr 0.23-0.600.000.82
21Trevor RelefordAlabama6' 0Jr 4.30-
188Devonta PollardAlabama6'7"Fr?Recruit3.101.390.004.50
328Trevor LaceyAlabama6' 3"So 2.00-0.950.503.45
335Levi RandolphAlabama6' 5"So 1.77-1.120.503.39
542Andrew SteeleAlabama6' 4"Sr 1.17-0.730.502.40
693Nick JacobsAlabama6' 8"So 1.29-0.650.001.93
1251Charles HankersonAlabama6' 4"Jr 0.26-0.710.000.97
1422Rodney CooperAlabama6' 6"So 0.09-0.590.000.69
1748Carl EngstromAlabama8' 1"Jr 0.00-0.330.000.33
1961Ben EblenAlabama6' 0Sr 0.00-
725Gerardo SueroAlbany6' 4"Sr 2.842.001.001.84
834Mike BlackAlbany6' 0Sr 2.542.001.001.54
1793Jayson GuerrierAlbany6' 4"Sr
1827Logan AronhaltAlbany6' 3"Sr 1.752.000.500.25
1060Martrevious SandersAlcorn St.6' 0Sr 0.00-
1812Chris BrandAlcorn St.6' 10"Sr 0.00-
574Tony WroblickyAmerican6' 10"Jr 1.03-1.300.002.33
636Daniel MunozAmerican6' 1"Sr 0.620.001.502.12
1406Nathan HealyAppalachian St.6' 7"Sr 1.721.000.000.72
1752Michael ObachaAppalachian St.6'8"FrRecruit0.
127Solomon HillArizona6' 6"Sr?DraftD3.58-1.630.005.21
214Brandon AshleyArizona6'8"FrRecruit2.961.330.004.29
276Kaleb TarczewskiArizona7'0"FrRecruit2.591.160.003.75
390Gabe YorkArizona6'2"FrRecruit2.110.950.003.05
486Grant JerrettArizona6'9"FrRecruit1.820.820.002.63
848Angelo CholArizona6' 9"So 0.84-0.680.001.52
860Josiah TurnerArizona6' 3"So 0.00-0.501.001.50
1257Nick JohnsonArizona6' 2"So 0.31-0.140.500.96
1404Kevin ParromArizona6' 6"Sr 0.720.000.000.72
1722Jordin MayesArizona6' 2"Jr 0.00-0.360.000.36
640Jonathan GillingArizona St.6' 7"So
943Eric JacobsenArizona St.6'10"FrRecruit0.920.410.001.33
1311Kenny MartinArizona St.6'9"FrRecruit0.600.270.000.87
1314Calaen RobinsonArizona St.6'2"FrRecruit0.600.270.000.87
1971Evan GordonArizona St.6' 2"SrTrans0.
125Mardracus WadeArkansas6' 2"Jr 4.730.000.505.23
557Julysses NoblesArkansas6' 1"Sr 1.02-0.341.002.36
637Devonta AbronArkansas6' 8"So 1.34-0.770.002.11
855JaCorey WilliamsArkansas6'8"FrRecruit1.040.470.001.50
980Hunter MickelsonArkansas6' 10"So 0.00-
1149Michael QuallsArkansas6'5"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1313Marshawn PowellArkansas6' 7"SrTrans0.870.000.000.87
1358Anthlon BellArkansas6'3"FrRecruit0.550.250.000.79
1709Rashad MaddenArkansas6' 5"So 0.380.000.000.38
1984Rickey ScottArkansas6' 3"Jr
359Ben DillardArkansas Little Rock6' 2"So 2.780.000.503.28
650Chuck GuyArkansas Little Rock5' 10"Jr 1.27-0.290.502.06
793Will NeighbourArkansas Little Rock6' 10"Jr 0.58-
1262Michael JavesArkansas Little Rock6' 10"So 0.00-0.950.000.95
1543Taggart LockhartArkansas Little Rock6' 5"So
1718Josh HaginsArkansas Little Rock6'1"FrRecruit0.
224Trey FinnArkansas St.6' 2"Sr 4.651.000.504.15
1248Darion GriswoldArkansas St.6' 5"So 1.971.000.000.97
1339Kendrick WashingtonArkansas St.6' 7"SrTrans0.11-0.720.000.83
1115Milton WashingtonArmy6' 0So 0.00-
1773Ella EllisArmy6' 5"Sr 1.311.000.000.31
378Frankie SullivanAuburn6' 1"Sr 1.81-0.830.503.14
627Jordan PriceAuburn6'5"FrRecruit1.490.670.002.16
1092Chris DensonAuburn6' 2"Jr
1143Josh WallaceAuburn5' 10"Sr
1150Asauhn Dixon-TatumAuburn6'11"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1151Brian Greene Jr.Auburn6'3"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1329Shaquille JohnsonAuburn6'5"FrRecruit0.580.260.000.84
1338Jordon GrangerAuburn6'7"FrRecruit0.570.260.000.83
1512Allen PayneAuburn6' 6"Jr 0.09-0.450.000.54
1658Josh LangfordAuburn6' 7"Jr 0.43-
1665Rob ChubbAuburn6' 10"Sr 0.00-0.440.000.44
1948Will TriggsAustin Peay6' 6"Jr
664Tevin GlassAvailable6'8"FrRecruit1.400.630.002.03
688Demetrius HenryAvailable6'8"FrRecruit1.350.610.001.95
768Phillip NolanAvailable6'10"FrRecruit1.170.530.001.70
769Darryl MilburnAvailable6'2"FrRecruit1.170.530.001.70
770Darrick WoodAvailable6'4"FrRecruit1.170.520.001.69
771Christopher ObekpaAvailable6'8"FrRecruit1.170.520.001.69
926Anthony JanuaryAvailable6'8"FrRecruit0.940.420.001.36
940Jerron WilbutAvailable6'2"FrRecruit0.920.410.001.33
945DeVon WalkerAvailable6'6"FrRecruit0.910.410.001.32
974Sam CassellAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.880.400.001.27
988Jerran YoungAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.860.390.001.25
991Keith ColemanAvailable6'9"FrRecruit0.860.390.001.25
999Anton WilsonAvailable6'6"FrRecruit0.840.380.001.22
1010Trency JacksonAvailable6'2"FrRecruit0.830.370.001.21
1011Matt KorcheckAvailable6'9"FrRecruit0.830.370.001.21
1067Dewayne RussellAvailable5'9"FrRecruit0.780.350.001.12
1113Larry LewisAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.720.320.001.05
1125Sheldon JeterAvailable6'7"FrRecruit0.710.320.001.03
1133Thaddeus HallAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.700.310.001.01
1152Darius MooreAvailable6'9"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1153Demarcus HollandAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1154Elgin CookAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1155Kaza Kajami-KeaneAvailable6'1"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1156DeAndre HarperAvailable6'6"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1157Rashaun StimageAvailable6'7"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1158Carlos MorrisAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1159Russel WilsonAvailable6'0"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1160Benji BellAvailable6'1"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1161Markus CriderAvailable6'6"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1162Ryan TaylorAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1163Valentine IzunduAvailable6'10"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1164William HowardAvailable6'7"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1165Nehemias MorilloAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1166Malik NicholsAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1167A.J. EnglishAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1274Quantel DensonAvailable6'8"FrRecruit0.640.290.000.93
1413Jordan GoodmanAvailable6'8"FrRecruit0.490.220.000.70
1429James FordAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.470.210.000.68
1439Evan PayneAvailable6'1"FrRecruit0.450.200.000.66
1481Amedeo Della ValleAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.410.180.000.59
1502Terry BrutusAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.390.170.000.56
1504Matt WillmsAvailable6'11"FrRecruit0.390.170.000.56
1520Broderick NewbillAvailable6'4"FrRecruit0.370.160.000.53
1532Obinna OlekaAvailable6'7"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.51
1544Jalen JacksonAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1545Victor RobbinsAvailable6'6"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1546Jordan TebbuttAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1547Marquis MondyAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1548Madison JonesAvailable6'0"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1549Jaylen BeckhamAvailable6'0"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1550William PowellAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1551John PapaleAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1552Cinmeon BowersAvailable6'7"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1553Alex AndersonAvailable5'10"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1554Cameron NeysmithAvailable6'4"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1555Michael GilmoreAvailable5'11"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1556Matthias SigurdarsonAvailable6'0"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1557David AndohAvailable6'7"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1558Daiquan WalkerAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1559Johnny WoodardAvailable6'4"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1560Travis HammondsAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1561Jonathan MilliganAvailable6'2"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1562Tyler ScottAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1563Marcel WhiteAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1564Caleb DresslerAvailable6'9"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1565Travon WilliamsAvailable6'2"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1631Dominique WilsonAvailable6'8"FrRecruit0.340.150.000.49
1634Michael LewisAvailable6'8"FrRecruit0.330.150.000.48
1635Arroyo EdwardsAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.330.150.000.48
1640Niem StevensonAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.330.150.000.47
1644Wesley StatenAvailable6'0"FrRecruit0.320.140.000.47
1654Justin PrideAvailable5'10"FrRecruit0.310.140.000.45
1655Billydee WilliamsAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.310.140.000.45
1657Jeremiah JonesAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.310.140.000.45
1660Dashawn SuberAvailable5'11"FrRecruit0.310.140.000.44
1666Preston HerringAvailable6'7"FrRecruit0.300.130.000.43
1669Jeffery MossAvailable6'4"FrRecruit0.300.130.000.43
1672De'Ontae HooksAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.
1683Glen FeidangaAvailable6'6"FrRecruit0.
1728Devon EdwardsAvailable5'10"FrRecruit0.
1731Gary AkbarAvailable6'4"FrRecruit0.
1736Sydie LondonAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.
1745Aaron ScalesAvailable6'9"FrRecruit0.
1801Frank BartleyAvailable6'2"FrRecruit0.
1803J.R HarrisAvailable6'3"FrRecruit0.
1815Ryan GarciaAvailable6'1"FrRecruit0.
1816William HouseAvailable6'4"FrRecruit0.
1821Jarrain JenkinsAvailable6'4"FrRecruit0.
1824Garrett WilsonAvailable6'1"FrRecruit0.
1826Luke SavoyAvailable6'0"FrRecruit0.
1830Zach JonesAvailable6'0"FrRecruit0.
1832Trelinco PolkAvailable6'2"FrRecruit0.
1842Bridge Michael LaveyAvailable6'6"FrRecruit0.
1845Jeremy PostellAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.
1846Jibrail HayesAvailable6'0"FrRecruit0.
1851Marcus DortchAvailable6'4"FrRecruit0.
1852Quan jonesAvailable6'1"FrRecruit0.
1860Jobe DillardAvailable6'2"FrRecruit0.
1864Kimani KeyAvailable5'11"FrRecruit0.
1867Fletcher ForteAvailable5'11"FrRecruit0.
1869Shermonne JonesAvailable5'10"FrRecruit0.
1872Caleb CraytonAvailable6'5"FrRecruit0.
1873Demarcus ThreattAvailable5'10"FrRecruit0.
1874Jason LaatschAvailable6'2"FrRecruit0.
1877Quincy MitchellAvailable6'6"FrRecruit0.
1730Matt KamienieckiBall St.6' 7"Jr 0.00-0.350.000.35
1755Mading ThokBall St.6'11"FrRecruit0.
32Brady HeslipBaylor6' 2"Jr 6.570.000.507.07
47Pierre JacksonBaylor5' 10"Sr 4.82-0.921.006.74
71Isaiah AustinBaylor7'0"FrRecruit4.201.880.006.08
408Ricardo GathersBaylor6'6"FrRecruit2.060.930.002.99
474Nino JacksonBaylor6'2"Fr?Recruit1.840.820.002.66
614A.J. WaltonBaylor6' 1"Sr 0.00-
673Cory JeffersonBaylor6' 9"Jr 0.99-
737L.J. RoseBaylor6'4"FrRecruit1.230.550.001.79
882Chad RykhoekBaylor6'11"FrRecruit1.000.450.001.44
1397Deuce BelloBaylor6' 4"So 0.28-0.450.000.73
1713J'Mison MorganBaylor6' 10"SrTrans0.03-0.340.000.37
1898Gary FranklinBaylor6' 2"Jr
43Kerron JohnsonBelmont6' 1"Sr 5.02-0.301.506.82
288Ian ClarkBelmont6' 3"Sr 3.690.000.003.69
479J.J. MannBelmont6' 6"Jr 2.16-0.490.002.65
900Reece ChamberlainBelmont6' 1"So 1.14-
961Blake JenkinsBelmont6' 7"Jr 1.22-
1168Craig BradshawBelmont6'2"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1276Adam BarnesBelmont6' 2"Sr 0.920.000.000.92
1292Brandon BakerBelmont6' 6"Sr 0.61-
1875Trevor NoackBelmont6' 7"Sr 0.01-
1680Ricky JohnsonBethune Cookman5' 9"So 1.412.001.000.41
1723Kevin DukesBethune Cookman5' 9"Sr 1.862.000.500.36
1760Javoris BryantBethune Cookman6' 6"Sr 0.23-
1776Alex SmithBethune Cookman6' 7"Sr 0.29-
192Anthony DrmicBoise St.6' 6"So 5.461.000.004.46
677Derrick MarksBoise St.6' 3"So 1.991.001.001.99
755Jeff ElorriagaBoise St.6' 2"Jr
986Kenny BucknerBoise St.6' 9"Sr
1034Edmunds DukulisBoise St.6'8"FrRecruit0.810.360.001.17
1685Joey NebekerBoise St.6'8"FrRecruit0.
1890Drew WileyBoise St.6' 7"Sr
1909Jarrell CraytonBoise St.6' 7"Sr 0.13-
1980Thomas BroplehBoise St.6' 5"Jr 0.551.000.500.05
376Lonnie JacksonBoston College6' 3"So 2.660.000.503.16
624Ryan AndersonBoston College6' 8"So 1.59-0.580.002.17
1202Jordan DanielsBoston College5' 8"So
1456Olivier HanlanBoston College6'3"FrRecruit0.430.190.000.62
1471Joe RahonBoston College6'2"FrRecruit0.420.190.000.60
1566Matt HumphreyBoston College6' 5"Sr
1567Dennis CliffordBoston College7' 0So
223D.J. IrvingBoston University6' 0Jr 2.660.001.504.16
806Travis RobinsonBoston University6' 5"Jr
1415Malik ThomasBoston University6' 7"So 0.00-0.700.000.70
1444Dom MorrisBoston University6' 7"Jr 0.640.000.000.64
1445Maurice WatsonBoston University5'9"FrRecruit0.440.200.000.64
1969Mike TerryBoston University6' 0Jr 0.00-
556Cameron BlackBowling Green6' 10"Jr 1.56-0.810.002.37
780A'uston CalhounBowling Green6' 7"Sr 1.680.000.001.68
1070Jordon CrawfordBowling Green5' 6"Sr
1203Jehvon ClarkeBowling Green6' 1"So
1993Craig SealeyBowling Green6' 6"Jr 0.00-
1204Walt LemonBradley6' 3"Jr
1205Dyricus Simms-EdwardsBradley6' 3"Sr
1568Jake EastmanBradley6' 5"Sr
1569Ka'Darryl BellBradley6'1"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
337Brandon DaviesBrigham Young6' 9"Sr 1.16-
546Nate AustinBrigham Young6' 10"So 2.22-
920Brock ZylstraBrigham Young6' 6"Sr 1.35-
1074Craig CusickBrigham Young6' 2"Sr 0.610.000.501.11
1082Matt CarlinoBrigham Young6' 2"So 0.00-
1360Anson WinderBrigham Young6' 3"So 0.00-0.290.500.79
1646Stephen RogersBrigham Young6' 8"Sr 0.470.000.000.47
60Mike MuscalaBucknell6' 11"Sr 5.36-0.990.006.34
209Cameron AyersBucknell6' 5"Jr 3.840.000.504.34
494Joe WillmanBucknell6' 6"Sr 2.620.000.002.62
534Bryson JohnsonBucknell6' 1"Sr 1.940.000.502.44
1021Steven KasparBucknell6' 2"So 0.00-
1102Ben BrackneyBucknell6' 4"Jr
1119Brian FitzpatrickBucknell6' 7"Sr
174Javon McCreaBuffalo6' 6"Jr 3.67-0.980.004.64
681Jarod OldhamBuffalo6' 3"Jr 0.00-0.481.501.98
1013Tony WatsonBuffalo6' 2"Sr
1746Stan WierBuffalo6'2"FrRecruit0.
1962Will ReganBuffalo6' 9"JrTrans0.00-
201Rotnei ClarkeButler6' 0"SrTrans4.410.000.004.41
353Andrew SmithButler6' 11"Sr 2.60-0.690.003.28
440Khyle MarshallButler6' 6"Jr 2.78-
629Roosevelt JonesButler6' 4"So 0.78-0.880.502.16
897Kameron WoodsButler6' 9"So 0.00-1.410.001.41
916Kellen DunhamButler6'4"FrRecruit0.950.430.001.38
1477Chrishawn HopkinsButler6' 1"Jr 0.00-0.100.500.60
1570Chase StigallButler6' 4"Sr
1628Chris Harrison-DocksButler6'0"FrRecruit0.340.150.000.49
1843Devonte MorganButler6'3"FrRecruit0.
617Dylan RoyerCal Poly6' 1"Sr
979Chris EversleyCal Poly6' 6"Jr
1677Drake U'uCal Poly6' 5"Sr?DraftC0.35-
520Kwame VaughnCal St. Fullerton6' 3"Sr 3.492.001.002.49
867Isiah UmipigCal St. Fullerton6' 1"Jr 3.482.000.001.48
1798D.J. SeeleyCal St. Fullerton6' 4"Sr
399Stephan HicksCal St. Northridge6' 5"So
802Stephen MaxwellCal St. Northridge6' 5"So 3.622.000.001.62
1678Josh GreeneCal St. Northridge6' 0Jr 1.412.001.000.41
1967Frankie EteuatiCal St. Northridge6' 10"Jr 0.00-
41Justin CobbsCalifornia6' 2"Jr 5.370.001.506.87
84David KravishCalifornia6' 9"So 5.18-0.760.005.94
88Allen CrabbeCalifornia6' 6"Jr?DraftD5.29-0.510.005.80
351Ricky KreklowCalifornia6' 6"JrTrans2.95-0.340.003.29
657Tyrone WallaceCalifornia6'4"FrRecruit1.410.630.002.04
919Richard SolomonCalifornia6' 10"Jr 0.47-0.910.001.38
1071Kaileb RodriguezCalifornia6'9"FrRecruit0.770.350.001.11
1252Robert ThurmanCalifornia6' 10"Sr 0.970.000.000.97
1571Brandon SmithCalifornia5' 11"Sr
1667Bak BakCalifornia6' 9"Sr 0.31-
1959Emerson MurrayCalifornia6' 3"Jr
841Trey FreemanCampbell6' 2"So 2.522.001.001.52
1766Darren WhiteCampbell6' 4"Sr 2.312.000.000.31
1885Darius LeonardCampbell6' 9"SoTrans0.
1079Isaac SosaCanisius6' 3"SrTrans1.
1303Freddy AsprillaCanisius6' 10"SrTrans0.00-0.880.000.88
893Kyle VinalesCentral Connecticut6' 1"So 1.421.001.001.42
1473Joe EfeseCentral Connecticut6' 6"Sr 0.28-0.330.000.60
1572Malcolm McMillanCentral Connecticut6' 0So
1696De'Angelo SpeechCentral Connecticut6' 5"Jr 0.00-0.390.000.39
186Keith ClantonCentral Florida6' 8"Sr 2.80-1.750.004.55
416Isaiah SykesCentral Florida6' 5"Jr 2.16-0.300.502.96
545Marcus JordanCentral Florida6' 3"Sr 1.900.000.502.40
718Kasey WilsonCentral Florida6' 7"So 1.45-0.400.001.85
937Staphon BlairCentral Florida6'8"FrRecruit0.920.410.001.33
969Tristan SpurlockCentral Florida6' 8"Jr 1.09-
1036Matt WilliamsCentral Florida6'5"FrRecruit0.810.360.001.17
1194Taylor BarnetteCentral Florida6'2"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1690Dylan KarellCentral Florida6'10"FrRecruit0.
1772Josh CrittleCentral Florida6' 9"Sr 0.310.000.000.31
342Austin McBroomCentral Michigan6' 0So 3.351.001.003.35
846Derek JacksonCentral Michigan6' 0Jr
1936Jevon HardenCentral Michigan6' 8"Jr 0.00-
360Arlon HarperCharleston Southern6' 1"So 3.761.000.503.26
938Saah NimleyCharleston Southern5' 8"So 1.331.001.001.33
996Mathiang MuoCharleston Southern6' 5"Sr 1.721.000.501.22
1343Paul GombwerCharleston Southern6' 6"So 1.821.000.000.82
356Chris BraswellCharlotte6' 9"Sr 1.87-1.400.003.28
541Pierria HenryCharlotte6' 3"So 0.00-1.401.002.40
868Shawn LesterCharlotte6'2"FrRecruit1.020.460.001.48
875DeMario MayfieldCharlotte6' 5"Jr 0.65-0.310.501.47
1169Willie ClaytonCharlotte6'8"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1261Darion ClarkCharlotte6'7"FrRecruit0.660.300.000.95
1717Dontay HamptonChattanooga6' 1"Sr 1.371.000.000.37
1989Z. MasonChattanooga6' 5"Jr 0.00-
51Cashmere WrightCincinnati6' 0Sr 2.79-2.331.506.62
468Jaquon ParkerCincinnati6' 3"Sr 2.14-0.550.002.69
495Justin JacksonCincinnati6' 8"Jr 0.67-1.940.002.62
1023Titus RublesCincinnati6'7"FrRecruit0.820.370.001.19
1682Cheikh MbodjCincinnati6' 10"So 0.13-
1688Jeremiah DavisCincinnati6' 3"So 0.00-0.400.000.40
1716Ge'Lawn GuynCincinnati6' 1"So 0.00-0.370.000.37
1931Jermaine SandersCincinnati6' 5"So
464Devin BookerClemson6' 8"Sr 1.51-
700K.J. McDanielsClemson6' 5"So 1.69-
832Adonis FilerClemson6'2"FrRecruit1.070.480.001.55
835Jaron BlossomgameClemson6'7"FrRecruit1.060.480.001.54
1089Josh SmithClemson6'7"FrRecruit0.750.340.001.08
1128Milton JenningsClemson6' 9"Sr?DraftD0.00-
1411Landry NnokoClemson6'11"FrRecruit0.490.220.000.71
1573Jordan RoperClemson6'1"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1918Devin ColemanClemson6' 2"So 0.00-
1979Rod HallClemson6' 1"So
48Anton GradyCleveland St.6' 8"So 3.79-2.870.006.66
212Tim KamczycCleveland St.6' 7"Sr 4.19-
990Charlie LeeCleveland St.5' 9"So 0.00-
1286Ike NwamuCleveland St.6' 3"So 0.87-
1388Darnell HarrisCleveland St.6'8"FrRecruit0.520.230.000.75
1389Junior LomombaCleveland St.6'4"FrRecruit0.520.230.000.75
1738Bryn ForbesCleveland St.6'3"FrRecruit0.
1740Malik LondonCleveland St.6'7"FrRecruit0.
1778Sebastian DouglasCleveland St.6' 4"So 0.00-0.300.000.30
1880Marlin MasonCleveland St.6' 6"So 0.00-
463Anthony RaffaCoastal Carolina6' 1"Sr
809Sam McLaurinCoastal Carolina6' 8"Sr 2.601.000.001.60
902Kierre GreenwoodCoastal Carolina6' 2"Sr 1.411.001.001.41
172Andrew LawrenceCollege of Charleston6' 1"Sr 2.50-0.661.504.66
670Adjehi BaruCollege of Charleston6' 9"So 1.72-
851Nori JohnsonCollege of Charleston6' 5"Jr 0.58-0.420.501.51
918Trent WiedemanCollege of Charleston6' 8"Jr 0.00-1.380.001.38
1401Anthony StittCollege of Charleston6' 1"So
1540Matt SundbergCollege of Charleston6' 8"Sr 0.42-
8Andre RobersonColorado6' 7"Jr?DraftD4.08-4.450.008.53
70Spencer DinwiddieColorado6' 5"So 5.580.000.506.08
600Josh ScottColorado6'8"FrRecruit1.560.700.002.26
674Xavier JohnsonColorado6'7"FrRecruit1.380.620.002.00
928Askia BookerColorado6' 1"So 1.24-
1001Eli StalzerColorado6'3"FrRecruit0.840.380.001.22
1378Chris JenkinsColorado6'6"FrRecruit0.520.240.000.76
1380Wesley GordonColorado6'7"FrRecruit0.520.230.000.76
1395Xavier TaltonColorado6'2"FrRecruit0.510.230.000.74
1844Sabatino ChenColorado6' 3"Sr
1883Shane Harris-TunksColorado6' 11"Jr 0.00-
49Pierce HornungColorado St.6' 5"Sr 3.99-2.160.506.66
130Dorian GreenColorado St.6' 2"Sr 4.690.000.505.19
461Wes EikmeierColorado St.6' 3"Sr
480Jesse CarrColorado St.6' 2"Sr 1.650.001.002.65
783Dwight SmithColorado St.6' 4"Jr 1.670.000.001.67
1323Jordan MasonColorado St.6'2"FrRecruit0.590.270.000.86
1325Jermaine MorganColorado St.6'8"FrRecruit0.590.260.000.85
1659Greg SmithColorado St.6' 6"Sr 0.440.000.000.44
1769Colton IversonColorado St.6' 10"SrTrans0.02-
341Brian BarbourColumbia6' 1"Sr 3.361.001.003.36
742Meiko LylesColumbia6' 3"Jr
850Mark CiscoColumbia6' 9"Sr 2.511.000.001.51
1484Van GreenColumbia6' 3"Jr 0.52-
1799Noruwa AghoColumbia6' 3"SrTrans0.
16Shabazz NapierConnecticut6' 0Jr?DraftC5.16-1.121.507.78
107Ryan BoatrightConnecticut6' 0So?DraftD4.02-0.481.005.51
397Tony ParkerConnecticut6'9"Fr?Recruit2.090.940.003.03
405Amile JeffersonConnecticut6'8"Fr?Recruit2.070.930.003.00
418Omar CalhounConnecticut6'3"FrRecruit2.040.910.002.95
804Tyler OlanderConnecticut6' 9"Jr 1.13-0.490.001.62
1053Niels GiffeyConnecticut6' 7"Jr 1.08-
1423DeAndre DanielsConnecticut6' 8"So 0.17-0.510.000.69
1438Roscoe SmithConnecticut6' 8"Jr 0.54-
518Shonn MillerCornell6' 7"So 0.00-2.500.002.50
1206Galal CancerCornell6' 2"So
1426Josh FiginiCornell6' 9"Sr 0.680.000.000.68
1754Holt HarmonCornell6'9"FrRecruit0.
1833Eitan ChemerinskiCornell6' 8"Sr 0.16-
1923Johnathan GrayCornell6' 3"Sr
1956Miles Asafo-AdjeiCornell6' 2"Sr
2Doug McDermottCreighton6' 7"Jr
257Grant GibbsCreighton6' 4"Sr 2.890.001.003.89
316Jahenns ManigatCreighton6' 1"Jr 3.520.000.003.52
318Gregory EcheniqueCreighton6' 9"Sr 3.28-
425Ethan WraggeCreighton6' 7"Jr 2.910.000.002.91
727Will ArtinoCreighton6' 11"So 1.75-
775Avery DingmanCreighton6' 6"So 1.680.000.001.68
978Josh JonesCreighton6' 2"Sr
1302Isaiah ZierdenCreighton6'1"FrRecruit0.610.270.000.88
1363Gabas MaldunasDartmouth6' 8"So 0.00-0.790.000.79
1679Jvonte BrooksDartmouth6' 6"So 1.411.000.000.41
102Nik CochranDavidson6' 3"Sr
115De'Mon BrooksDavidson6' 7"Jr 4.74-0.650.005.38
159Jake CohenDavidson6' 10"Sr 4.01-0.770.004.78
417JP KuhlmanDavidson6' 4"Sr 2.450.000.502.95
540Chris CzerapowiczDavidson6' 7"Jr 2.410.000.002.41
567Tyler KalinoskiDavidson6' 4"So 1.850.000.502.35
111Kevin DillardDayton6' 0Sr 3.930.001.505.43
529Matt KavanaughDayton6' 9"Sr 2.450.000.002.45
898Jevon ThomasDayton5'11"FrRecruit0.970.440.001.41
941Devin OliverDayton6' 7"Jr 0.68-0.650.001.33
1072Alex GavrilovicDayton6' 9"So
1241Vee SanfordDayton6' 3"SrTrans0.73-
1283Josh BensonDayton6' 9"Sr 0.79-
1392Devon ScottDayton6'8"FrRecruit0.510.230.000.74
1463Ralph HillDayton6' 6"Jr 0.51-
1574Jalen RobinsonDayton6'9"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
37Jarvis ThreattDelaware6' 2"So 5.23-0.691.006.93
156Jamelle HaginsDelaware6' 8"Sr 2.02-2.780.004.81
890Kyle AndersonDelaware6' 2"So 1.931.000.501.43
1629Josh BrinkleyDelaware6' 6"Sr 1.491.000.000.49
1919Devon SaddlerDelaware6' 2"Jr 0.641.000.500.14
303Marques OliverDelaware St.6' 7"Sr 2.19-1.390.003.58
1031Casey WalkerDelaware St.6' 5"Jr 2.672.000.501.17
1249Tyshawn BellDelaware St.6' 7"So 2.972.000.000.97
1277Kendall GrayDelaware St.6' 10"So 0.41-0.520.000.92
1914Brandon OliverDelaware St.6' 2"Sr 0.00-
1997Tahj TateDelaware St.6' 4"So
39Royce O'NealeDenver6' 5"So 4.93-1.960.006.89
134Chris UdofiaDenver6' 6"Jr 4.15-0.950.005.09
325Brett OlsonDenver6' 5"So 2.960.000.503.46
724Chase HallamDenver6' 5"Sr 0.69-0.650.501.84
233Brandon YoungDePaul6' 3"Jr 3.581.001.504.08
332Jamee CrockettDePaul6' 4"So 4.411.000.003.41
748Cleveland MelvinDePaul6' 8"Jr 1.33-0.430.001.76
874Jodan PriceDePaul6'6"FrRecruit1.010.450.001.47
1081Durrell McDonaldDePaul6'2"FrRecruit0.750.340.001.09
1100Donnavan KirkDePaul6' 9"Jr 0.65-0.420.001.07
1321Worrel ClaharDePaul5' 11"Sr 0.39-0.470.000.86
1575DeJuan MarreroDePaul6'5"FrRecruit0.350.160.000.50
1926Derrell RobertsonDePaul6' 10"So 0.00-
1974Moses MorganDePaul6' 6"Jr
64Ray McCallumDetroit6' 1"Jr?DraftD5.
329Doug AndersonDetroit6' 5"Sr 2.70-0.230.503.43
511Nick MinnerathDetroit6' 8"SrTrans2.530.000.002.53
570Jason CallisteDetroit6' 2"Sr 1.840.000.502.34
873Evan BruinsmaDetroit6' 7"Jr 1.36-
290Ben SimonsDrake6' 8"Sr 3.670.000.003.67
350Rayvonte RiceDrake6' 4"Jr 1.24-1.550.503.29
358Jeremy JeffersDrake6' 6"So
645Jordan ClarkeDrake6' 8"Sr 0.05-
682Seth Van DeestDrake6' 11"SrTrans1.970.000.001.97
1207Karl MadisonDrake5' 10"So
17Frantz MassenatDrexel6' 4"Jr
83Damion LeeDrexel6' 6"So 5.91-
757Dartaye RuffinDrexel6' 8"Jr 1.02-0.720.001.74
803Chris FouchDrexel6' 2"Sr 1.620.000.001.62
1049Derrick ThomasDrexel6' 4"Sr 0.650.000.501.15
1109Daryl McCoyDrexel6' 9"Sr 0.72-0.340.001.06
22Shabazz MuhammadDuke6'6"Fr?Recruit5.182.330.007.50
104Mason PlumleeDuke6' 10"Sr?DraftC3.03-2.490.005.52
118Ryan KellyDuke6' 11"Sr 4.42-0.930.005.35
129Quinn CookDuke6' 0So
148Seth CurryDuke6' 2"Sr 4.35-0.020.504.87
392Rasheed SulaimonDuke6'4"FrRecruit2.100.940.003.05
394Andre DawkinsDuke6' 4"Sr?DraftD2.540.000.503.04
397Tony ParkerDuke6'9"Fr?Recruit2.090.940.003.03
405Amile JeffersonDuke6'8"Fr?Recruit2.070.930.003.00
679Tyler ThorntonDuke6' 1"Jr 1.990.000.001.99
1712Josh HairstonDuke6' 7"Jr 0.370.000.000.37
420Jerry JonesDuquesne6' 5"Jr 2.950.000.002.95
568Sean JohnsonDuquesne6' 2"Sr 2.02-0.320.002.34
610Kadeem PantophletDuquesne6' 6"So
1399Andre MarholdDuquesne6' 7"Sr 0.00-0.730.000.73
1706Brian HarrisDuquesne6'2"FrRecruit0.
108Miguel PaulEast Carolina6' 3"Sr
502Maurice KempEast Carolina6' 8"Sr 1.33-
798Shamarr BowdenEast Carolina6' 3"Sr
807Robert SampsonEast Carolina6' 7"Jr 0.65-0.960.001.61
880Erin StraughnEast Carolina6' 6"Sr 1.26-
1047Marshall GuilmetteEast Carolina6'10"FrRecruit0.790.360.001.15
1424Corvonn GainesEast Carolina6' 5"Sr 0.00-0.190.500.69
1465Akeem RichmondEast Carolina6' 1"SrTrans0.610.000.000.61
1639Paris Roberts-CampbellEast Carolina6' 2"So 0.470.000.000.47
1703Mike ZangariEast Carolina6'9"FrRecruit0.
586Sheldon CooleyEast Tennessee St.6' 3"Sr 0.63-1.160.502.29
1065Lukas PoderisEast Tennessee St.6' 8"Sr 0.80-0.320.001.13
1446Jarvis JonesEast Tennessee St.6' 2"Sr 0.62-
1482Mario StramagliaEast Tennessee St.6'0"FrRecruit0.410.180.000.59
1483Petey McClainEast Tennessee St.6'0"FrRecruit0.410.180.000.59
1576Marcus DuboseEast Tennessee St.6' 2"Sr
1825James HollowellEastern Illinois6' 6"Sr 0.00-
1891Josh PiperEastern Illinois6' 8"So
1308Eric StutzEastern Kentucky6' 9"So 2.882.000.000.88
743Jamell HarrisEastern Michigan6' 9"Sr 0.00-1.770.001.77
910DaShonte RileyEastern Michigan7' 0Jr 0.00-1.400.001.40
924Ray LeeEastern Michigan6'3"FrRecruit0.950.420.001.37
1208Austin HarperEastern Michigan6' 2"Jr
1420Glenn BryantEastern Michigan6' 7"SrTrans0.690.000.000.69
1485Derek ThompsonEastern Michigan6' 3"Sr 0.580.000.000.58
1937Matt BalkemaEastern Michigan6' 10"Sr 0.00-
1963Anthony StricklandEastern Michigan6' 5"Jr 0.00-
1964J.R. SimsEastern Michigan6' 3"Jr 0.00-
348Parker KellyEastern Washington6' 4"So 3.801.000.503.30
1784Jeffrey ForbesEastern Washington5' 10"Sr 0.791.000.500.29
222Jack IsenbargerElon6' 2"Jr
923Lucas TroutmanElon6' 10"Jr 1.25-
69Colt RyanEvansville6' 5"Sr 5.15-0.460.506.11
452Ryan SawvellEvansville6' 8"So 3.781.000.002.78
562Troy TaylorEvansville6' 0Sr 1.57-0.790.002.36
643Ned CoxEvansville6' 1"Sr 1.591.001.502.09
1823Jordan JahrEvansville6' 6"JrTrans0.
539Maurice BarrowFairfield6' 5"Jr 0.98-0.940.502.42
816Colin NickersonFairfield6' 3"Sr 0.35-
819Derek NeedhamFairfield5' 11"Sr 0.19-0.391.001.58
1025Sean CrawfordFairfield5' 10"Sr 0.60-0.590.001.18
1078Desmond WadeFairfield5' 8"Sr 0.86-
1650Keith MatthewsFairfield6' 5"Jr 0.00-0.460.000.46
1764Josip MikulicFairfield6'10"FrRecruit0.
1785Coleman JohnsonFairfield6'7"FrRecruit0.
1800Amadou SidibeFairfield6'8"FrRecruit0.
1808Marcus GilbertFairfield6'5"FrRecruit0.
1960Adam JonesFairfield6' 8"So 0.00-
1813Ayotunde OyeniyiFairleigh Dickinson6' 9"Jr 0.00-
25Kenny BoyntonFlorida6' 2"Sr?DraftD6.980.000.507.48
90Patric YoungFlorida6' 9"Jr?DraftD5.51-
166Anthony BennettFlorida6'7"Fr?Recruit3.251.460.004.72
267Erik MurphyFlorida6' 10"Sr 3.45-0.370.003.82
343Will YegueteFlorida6' 7"Jr 2.05-
576Braxton OgbuezeFlorida6'1"FrRecruit1.600.720.002.32
675Scottie WilbekinFlorida6' 2"Jr
690Michael FrazierFlorida6'4"FrRecruit1.340.600.001.95
925Mike RosarioFlorida6' 3"Sr?DraftC1.370.000.001.37
1453Dillon GrahamFlorida6'4"FrRecruit0.430.190.000.63
1903Casey PratherFlorida6' 6"Jr 0.00-
915Amin StevensFlorida A&M6' 6"Sr 0.66-0.730.001.38
446Omari GrierFlorida Atlantic6' 4"So 3.811.000.002.81
716Greg GanttFlorida Atlantic6' 2"Sr 2.871.000.001.87
964Pablo BertoneFlorida Atlantic6' 4"Jr 1.13-
1170Chris BryantFlorida Atlantic6'7"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1501Jordan McCoyFlorida Atlantic6' 6"Sr 1.561.000.000.56
1737Stefan MoodyFlorida Atlantic5'9"FrRecruit0.
1779Kore WhiteFlorida Atlantic6' 8"Sr 0.00-0.300.000.30
317Sherwood BrownFlorida Gulf Coast6' 4"Sr 2.97-0.050.503.52
517Filip CvjeticaninFlorida Gulf Coast6' 9"So 3.511.000.002.51
620Bernard ThompsonFlorida Gulf Coast6' 3"So 0.93-0.750.502.18
649Christophe VaridelFlorida Gulf Coast6' 2"Jr 2.561.000.502.06
946Eddie MurrayFlorida Gulf Coast6' 8"Sr 2.321.000.001.32
1006Chase FielerFlorida Gulf Coast6' 7"Jr
589Phil TaylorFlorida International5' 9"Jr
1905Dominique FergusonFlorida International6' 9"Jr 0.00-
1928Brandon MooreFlorida International6' 10"Sr 0.00-
1951Cameron BellFlorida International6' 3"Sr 0.00-
424Okaro WhiteFlorida St.6' 8"Jr 2.17-0.760.002.93
467Ian MillerFlorida St.6' 3"Jr?DraftD2.05-0.650.002.70
559Montay BrandonFlorida St.6'6"FrRecruit1.630.730.002.36
1300Terry WhisnantFlorida St.6' 3"So 0.83-
1376Devon BookertFlorida St.6'2"FrRecruit0.530.240.000.76
1381Robert GilchristFlorida St.6'8"FrRecruit0.520.230.000.76
762Chris GastonFordham6' 7"Sr 0.38-1.330.001.72
1647Branden FrazierFordham6' 3"Jr 0.461.001.000.46
400Tyler JohnsonFresno St.6' 2"Jr 2.09-0.430.503.01
409Kevin OlekaibeFresno St.6' 1"Jr 2.490.000.502.99
451Robert UpshawFresno St.7'0"Fr?Recruit1.930.870.002.80
536Jerry BrownFresno St.6' 7"Jr 1.92-0.510.002.43
1026Kevin Foster (Fres St)Fresno St.6' 8"Sr 0.00-
1171Marvelle HarrisFresno St.6'4"FrRecruit0.690.310.001.00
1518Garrett JohnsonFresno St.6' 4"Sr 0.46-
1866Larry McGaugheyFresno St.6' 5"Sr
533Charlie ReddickFurman6' 5"Jr 1.74-0.690.002.44
927Richard BrownFurman5' 11"Jr 1.361.001.001.36
1400David Brown (Furm)Furman5' 10"So 0.731.001.000.73
1853Colin ReddickFurman6' 9"Sr 0.00-