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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Marquette is #1 in Conference USA

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel today, Marquette is the top school in Conference USA under the new academics rating system used by the NCAA. In fact, Marquette's score would be highest in the Big Ten too, including Northwestern. Congratulations to Marquette and thank you to Shot of Wisky for bringing this to my attention, always good of him to do so....especially in light of how some of the other schools in the state did in their perspective conferences.

Marquette is the Class of Conference USA article from the Journal Sentinel


Marquette 987
South Florida 976
Army 974
DePaul 972
Tulane 968
So. Miss. 965
St. Louis 964
Charlotte 957
Louisville 950
Texas Christian 944
Memphis 941
East Carolina 940
Cincinnati 929
UAB 912
Houston 912


Northwestern 980
Michigan 973
Illinois 973
Iowa 972
Minnesota 965
Indiana 964
Michigan State 963
Penn State 963
Wisconsin_madison 960
Ohio State 938
Purdue 936


Loyola 978
UW-Green Bay 977
UW-Milwaukee 975
Detroit 967
Illinois-Chicago 959
Butler 959
Wright State 955
Youngstown St. 953
Cleveland State 952

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