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Friday, June 03, 2005

'Gold' alternatives panned

Read comments in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal from MU luminaries Matthew Lesko, Terry McQuade, Barbara Thompson, Mike Gonring, Hank Raymonds, and Jamie Dyckes and current students Kate Roberts and Stephanie Podkowinski.

The J/S covers the full range range of thought on the issue

Hank Raymonds, Marquette's former basketball coach and athletic director, said he won't even cast a ballot "because I'm a Warrior."

On the other hand Freshman Kate Roberts bucked the survey findings that Golden Eagles was weak and uninspired, "I went back to Golden Eagles because there was no reason to change it. I think it's a strong name."

Golden Knights got a vote from Jamie Dyckes, a Marquette alumnus and former assistant athletic director. He said he wrote in Warriors with his other vote. "If a Golden Knight is not a Warrior," said a defiant Dyckes, "I don't what is."

But the most hopeful comment for the future comes from Hank Raymonds:
"Whatever they do, I imagine it will turn out all right."

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