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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Marquette and UWM closing in on basketball deal?

So says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today in a quick dayblog news bulletin.

Here is the article

The UWM board has some reaction to this as well. As expected, they aren't thrilled with a proposed 4 for 1 deal where MU would play the Panthers 4 times at the Bradley Center and one time at the US Cellular Arena.

From my point of view, UWM should be happy we are even considering this game. MU has a 35-0 record agaisnt UWM all-time. Currently UWM plays UW-Madison effectively 6 games in Madison and one in Milwaukee. The deal was not crafted as a 6 for 1 deal, but in effect because of back to back deals put together, that is what has happened.

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Anonymous said...

Just a minor correction, but MU is 34-0 vs UWM, not 35-0. Just thought you'd like to be accurate in your reporting of the facts. (this is according to both school's media guide's, BTW)
And isn't it slightly disengenuous to say that UW-Madison is "effectiviely" playing UWM in a 6-1 series when the actual series is a 4-2, with three additional "buy" games in Madison that UWM is being paid for? (which would then make it a 7-2 "series", if you wanted to overlook the fact that three are guarantee games) This was reported by the JS, by the way.
Perhaps you consider a paid "guarantee" game to be the same as a road game?

Anonymous said...

Marquette University claims the series is 34-0 with MU ahead. In an interesting twist, the UWM athletic department SID states it is 35-0 in favor of MU.

That is why we stated 35-0.

And with the information we had at the time, 6 for 1 was accurate. It is more appropriate now to state 7 for 2. Please note, however, in past JS articles it was stated 4 for 1 and not 4 for 2.