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Friday, July 14, 2006

MU's 2006-2007 Big East Opponents Announced

A few highlights......

Home-and-Home: Pittsburgh, Louisville, Providence
Home only: Syracuse, Villanova, West Virginia, Rutgers and Seton Hall
Road only: Connecticut, DePaul, Georgetown, Notre Dame, USF
No Plays: Cincinnati, St. John's

Here's the link to the official MU news release.

The season ticket holder should be loving life --- Ville, Pittsburgh, 'Cuse and 'Nova are a nice core of conference games. Still, I'm disappointed that two of MU's most natural rivalries will be compromised this year: MU loses the home/home with DePaul and misses Cincy all together.

We'll have more analysis soon.

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Anonymous said...

Some great teams coming through the Bradley Center. Can't wait to be at all the games. Thanks for the update.