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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wade Taping "Homecoming" in Chicago Plus other Links

Want to go see a taping of ESPN's "Homecoming" series with none other than Dwyane Wade? Well, they are taping tomorrow night in Chicago and can accommodate 600 more guests. Details are below (HT: MU Athletic Dept)

Plus, sorry about lack of posting, but here are a few other quick links

7'2" Center Youssoupha Mbao was declared eligible by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Temper this a bit, however, because he still needs his amateur status cleared as well. People are also still waiting to hear on Cadougan's eligibility as well.

In addition, Marquette secured a verbal 2010 commitment from Jamail Jones. Jones is a highly rated (Top 75) recruit that moves the team one step closer to being comprised entirely of interchangeable 6'6" players (kidding)

Speaking of Wade, he's doing a partnership with Marquette in support of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee. What is cool is that Marquette is providing up to three full-tuition scholarships annually to winners of BCGA Youth of the Year program. I'm not exactly clear what Wade is doing as part of this partnership except "promoting it", but his name certainly helps add value.

Go to the "Homecoming" taping!


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According to ESPN.COM Cadougan is cleared to play as well.

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Excuse me, JSonline...