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Friday, September 18, 2009

Good news for ...

Good news, for those of you who love loooong seasons.

It just got longer.

Todd Rosiak is reporting that Junior Cadougan ruptured his right Achilles’ tendon and will likely be out for the entire season.

With Darius Johnson-Odom also spraining a ligament in his left foot, he'll miss the next month as well.

That leaves Dwight Buycks, David Cubillan, and Maurice Acker, as the three true scholarship guards who aren't wounded.

And, don't forget Joe Fulce’s continued recovery from knee surgery, which leaves the Warriors with 9 healthy players.


Championships Matter said...

Oh geez, could next year get any worse? I guess wer'e going to be Cubs fans -- cheering on our team no matter how bad it gets.

Reality is injuries happen. Junior's is heartbreaking because he's really supposed to be someone we all eagerly anticipated. We know he is a great ballplayer and it sounds like he and MU were good fits.

I wish him well and hope he recovers soon. Also, gives him a great chance to concentrate on the classroom and get his academics in the best order possible.

Unknown said...

The rumor out there is... Vander really wants to come to MU. Apparently, his mom is dating one of the Badger's assistant coaches and she does not want him to come to MU. His dad does but he doesn't live with him. The mom won't let Buzz make a house visit. He's very good friends with Maymon and he thinks that he could very well end up at MU.