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Friday, October 15, 2010

#mubb is loading up on visits tonight


Once in a while Twitter noticeably trends on certain topics not related to Brett Favre and sexting. With Madness upon us the Marquette hoops corner of the Twitterverse is abuzz with information about high school kids visiting The Al tonight for Madness.

IWB has been on this all day via Twitter with loads of updates. Mark Miller is updating too, as is ESPN's Reggie Rankin. Based on what we know, courtesy of previous reports and the voluminous updates tweeted today by this trio, the following kids (at least) will be on campus tonight for Madness:

Juan Anderson, MU verbal
6'8" Mike Shaw
6'9" Trey McDonald, a big-time sleeper according to ESPN.
6'8" Jarion Henry (some chatter that he might not be there today)
6'6" Cinmeon Bowers

6'8" Timajh Parker
6'3" Arroyo Edwards
6'2" Aaron Simpson
6'3" Jamal Ferguson
6'5" Trey Guidry
6'10" Philip Nolan
6'8" Malik London
6'8" Alex Poythress
6'6" J.P. Tokoto

6'1" Bronson Koenig
6'1" Duane Wilson

Note that this list is fluid. Also, keep in mind that underclassmen are not allowed to make official visits to campus, so the 2012 and 2013 kids paid their own way. Considering the geographic diversity of these young men -- student-athletes from as far away as Virginia, Tennessee, and Texas -- the draw to The Al tonight is strong.

We'll update a consolidated list of visitors if new names pop up. Also, if you tweet please add IWB, Reggie and Mark to your follows.

**Edits: Jarion Henry commentary. Added Cimmeon Bowers, Aaron Simpson, Timajh Parker, Arroyo Edwards.

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