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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Badgers' toughness is too much for Warriors

MUTV Sports' Brad Galli reports from the Bradley Center after MU failed to grab a signature out of conference win against the visiting Badgers.

Todd Rosiak on how the Badgers were too tall and too tough for MU.


Smoove said...

Well, back-to-basics and let's remember the fundamentals, like the Bradley Center annonucer calling the MU players by their correct names. It's Darius JOHNSON-Odom, NOT Darius Jackson-Odom.

Unknown said...

I honestly feel that this team is an embarrassment to a great Marquette basketball tradition. Their fundamentals are non-existent and I question whether or not any of the plays have any basketball intellect. I don't care what an annoucers calls DJO so long as he does his job, which at this point, I'm not sure he has the brains to do. Moral victorys, close wins, mean nothing. Only W's. At this point, it might not even be wise to say hello N.I.T.

Smoove said...
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Smoove said...

John, er, James, addressing another by his / her correct name IS important. DJO uses two hyphenated names, not my style, but if each name is important enough for him to use both names, we can SAY both names . . . . correctly. Capeesh?
Yes, a brain, and a healthy one at that, comes with each MU student-athelete. Your assertions to the contrary only raises a question about your bona fides.
And, No, at the collegiate level, winning is NOT all that matters. If you need that concept explained, then we may yet still need to address the lack-of-brain notion, but from the perspective of exactly WHO is messaging this blog with absolutely nothing constructive to say.
After reading your comment, I am betting you are not an MU graduate.