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Thursday, June 23, 2011

JIMMY! Marquette grabs last guaranteed contract for 2nd straight year

Wow how things have changed in a few years for Jimmy Butler. Just a few years after being a homeless teenager and then ZERO star JUCO recruit, Jimmy is now one of only 30 NBA draft picks with a guaranteed contract.

For the third straight year Marquette fans waited until the final pick of the draft hoping to hear a player's name called. It worked out perfectly all three times.

Wesley Matthews was NOT picked then or through the 2nd round, so he did not get a guaranteed contract. Because Matthews was not picked, he was NOT locked into a contract, played one year at the minimum, and is now making more than each and every first round pick from his class including John Wall. (see salaries below).

Last year Lazar Hayward's name was the last called in the 1st round, giving him a guaranteed contract. The numbers below show the guaranteed figure that teams were scheduled to pay each year for the 30th pick in the draft. In theory, they have to pay from 80% to 120% of the contact, though Lazar actually received less last year the way his was structured.

As noted in the previous post, this means Marquette now has five players in the NBA that were NOT rated as one of the top 50 players in his high school class, and only UConn has more at six. Here are the salaries for Wall and Matthews, and the rookie scale for the 30th pick both last year and this that guide contracts for Lazar and Jimmy.

Wesley Matthews$5,765,000 $6,135,160 $6,505,320 $6,875,480 $7,245,640
John Wall$5,144,280 $5,530,080 $5,915,880 $7,459,924 $9,697,901
Lazar Hayward (30th pick scale)$877,300 $943,100 $1,008,900 ??
Jimmy Butler (30th pick scale)MU$850,800 $914,600 $978,400 ?

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