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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Preseason Roundtable: Heart and Soul

We're sitting back down at the roundtable to talk about where Marquette will find its leadership in 2011-12. This isn't just about talent, but about who will be the on-court motivating force to drive the team.

Who will be the emotional leader of this team?

Alan: Isn't Jae already the emotional leader? I know Jimmy was the senior last year, but when Marquette needed that boost of energy, it seemed to always come from Crowder. As a senior, I expect him to be even more vocal. And let's not forget, he also was the national player of the year and won a national championship in 2009-10. It may have been at the JUCO level, but he knows how to drive his teammates to greatness. He will do so again.

Dr. Blackheart: "Emotional" is DJO, but the team leaders will be Jamil Wilson and Junior.

James: I say DJO breaks out of his shyness mold and takes this role.

John: Jae Crowder. We have two seniors, and DJO is the one who can take over the game, but I thought Jae showed the ability to communicate and calm teammates down, as well as accept blame several times last year. Also, being the baddest dude on the court is going to command respect now that he is a senior.

Kevin: Honestly, how would we know? Jae is demonstrative, so people think he's the emotional leader. DJO is the high performance senior, so people think he's the leader. What matters is what those dozen guys think.

Rob: DJO. $%^&*# count on it! Crowder will be pretty close though, and between the two of them I'm looking forward to seeing the personality on the court.

Tim: Jae Crowder. He's already proven to be a vocal, animated player on the court.

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