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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer League rankings and highlghts for MU players through last night

Scroll down one post for our comprehensive look at how (incredibly) accurate the model Rob (mostly) and me developed to predict NBA performance.  For example, we projected Jae Crowder as one of the 15 best NBA players who would come out of this draft, and he has been through Summer League.  We also updated the full list of 391 players here, but for easier reference here are the five best, five worst and five other Marquette players during summer league.  I say "other" because Jimmy Butler has the 2nd best efficiency rating of all 391 Summer League players.  Some notes below the table.

1Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (CHA)1LV2218712854030
2Jimmy Butler (CHI)2LV36.524.56.513.5721027.5
3Klay Thompson (GSW)2LV29.520.5713.564.51.51.527.5
4Josh Selby (MEM)2LV28.527.59.5161.514027.5
5Kawhi Leonard (SAS)2LV34258.5186310.526
53Jae Crowder (DAL)3LV32.314.7614.75.71.720.716.1
70Lazar Hayward (OKC)4Orl29.815.84.813.
184Dwight Buycks (OKC)5Orl13.88.63.870.
189Wesley Matthews (POR)1LV1573620118
215Darius Johnson-Odom (LAL)4LV18.
387Kyle Weems (GSW)1LV100010000-1
388Cam Tatum (MEM)1LV80021000-1
389Manny Harris (HOU)1LV40021000-1
390Rakim Sanders (GSW)1LV10010000-1
391Moses Ehambe (SAS)1LV60020000-2

One of Jimmy Butler's stick-backs appear on these highlights of his ridiculous game-high 24 points ON ONLY 11 FIELD GOAL ATTEMPTS, as he added 7 rebounds while going 6 of 11 from the floor and 11 of 12 from the line to become the 2nd best player of the Summer League behind Kidd-Gilcrist, whose averages are for only one game.

They were already loving Crowder in print and as the main interview on http://www.nba.com/mavericks BEFORE yesterday, but the highlight of Crowder's stickback SLAM here was part of the kind of night we were used to seeing from Crowder at Marquette as he put in 4 steals, 8 rebounds and 20 points including two treys to move up to the 55th best Summer League player overall and 12th best of the 2012 draft class. Darn if he might play a 2 afterall - he really is driving to the hoop from the perimeter in addition to hitting 4 of 12 treys the last two games - as I believe the deeper arc is actually making him jump higher and thus getting more arc on the shot then when his trey shooting trailed off at the end for MU.

Unfortunately Dwight Buycks only highlight here was getting rejected hard - something he made the highlights for in Orlando against Andre Drummond, but except he hit two of his other three shots, both of his free throws, and had a steal and two assists in 12 minutes, so not a bad showing.  

DJO has his last game tonight.

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