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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good News: Gardner only All-Big East player on court at 11 a.m.; otherwise tough game

When Marquette tips off in an hour (11 a.m. CT Saturday) at Pitt on ESPNU, the good news is that Marquette will have the only All-Big East player based on the teams I released yesterday on Breitbart Sports.  Gardner continues to move up in the ratings, and is now the 70th best player in the Country and 10th best player in the Big East to claim the last "All-Conference" spot.

Now the bad news ... today is a big opportunity because ...

1. As you can see from the table below, while Gardner is the best player on the court today, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th best player on the court play for Pitt,

2. At the outset of this season, Value Add projected Pitt as the 14th best team in the country and today as one of four times MU would lose by double digits this year (Ohio State was cancelled, at Florida was a 49-82 loss and at Louisville is still to come.

3. Both of Marquette's road appearances this year have been disasters, with the Florida loss followed-up by a embarrassing loss at Green Bay.  However, two neutral site appearances are looking good as Butler has moved up in the rankings since the last second shot to beat MU as USC is close to breakign the top 100.

4. I have been to two MU games at Pitt and they do the home court right.  The students surround the players on the lower level, one year I was the only MU fan in the sold out building and the other they let about 15 MU fans sit in the rafters.

All that being said, this game could be a season-changer, so nothing to lose.  However, staying within single digits woudl be an accomplishment.

RnkPlayerTeamHtYrValue Add
70Davante GardnerMarquette6' 8"Jr6.48
77Lamar PattersonPittsburgh6' 5"Jr6.42
78Tray WoodallPittsburgh6' 0Sr6.41
85Talib ZannaPittsburgh6' 9"Jr6.33
231Steven AdamsPittsburgh7' 0Fr4.51
279J.J. MoorePittsburgh6' 6"Jr4.13
529James RobinsonPittsburgh6' 3"Fr2.87
590Jamil WilsonMarquette6' 7"Jr2.64
609Junior CadouganMarquette6' 1"Sr2.59
642Dante TaylorPittsburgh6' 9"Sr2.48
925Cameron WrightPittsburgh6' 4"So1.78
1026Juan AndersonMarquette6' 6"So1.56
1150Vander BlueMarquette6' 4"Jr1.35
1151Steve TaylorMarquette6' 7"Fr1.34
1245Durand JohnsonPittsburgh6' 6"Fr1.18
1247Chris OtuleMarquette6' 11"Sr1.18
1340Derrick WilsonMarquette6' 1"So1.04
1415Trent LockettMarquette6' 5"Sr0.95
1797Jake ThomasMarquette6' 3"Jr0.57
1984Todd MayoMarquette6' 3"So0.41

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