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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dan Gavitt joins the Big East

In an interesting move, commissioner Mike Tranghesee announced that Dan Gavitt will be the conference's first-ever Associate Commissioner for men’s basketball. Gavitt most recently served as the athletic director at Bryant College in Rhode Island.

According to the Woonsocket Call, -- 'Dan Gavitt will be the league’s primary basketball administrator and represent the Big East as the main point of contact. He’ll work strictly with the coaches and athletic directors and will also get the chance to rekindle some of the friendships he built during his days as an assistant at Providence.'

Gavitt's father, Dave, was the founder of the Big East and remains Mike Tranghese's mentor. Perhaps this move was made with an eye on the future......Dan Gavitt, future commissioner of the Big East Conference? I would not bet against it --several years down the line.


Chas said...

The BE posted a press release on this last week, which I noted (shameless plug).


Check out his full bio. The guy doesn't venture out of Rhode Island, much less New England. Given the nature of the BE these days, that isn't a good thing.

TB said...

thanks for the knowledge, Chas