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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Recruiting heats up: Bryce Webster and Jonathan Mitchell Updates

It looks like Dan Monson finally has realized what Tom Crean has known for more than two years: Bryce Webster is a talented post player who can be a difference maker for any program.

From an MU perspective, one hopes that Webster realizes that Crean has long valued his abilities, rather than turning to him after other prospects shunned the coach's efforts -- as Isaiah Dahlman has done with the University of Minnesota. According to the Star-Tribune, "With Dahlman apparently out of the picture, St. Thomas Academy big man Bryce Webster has emerged as the Gophers' No. 1 recruiting priority."

Welcome to the party, Dan.

Being 'in early' on a kid is not a guarantee (see Bobby Frasor), but it appears that TC has done all the right things in recruiting Webster. Now its up to Bryce to decide between MU, Minnesota, and Betting Central (er, Boston College).


As for Jonathan Mitchell, the pride of Mount Vernon, NY, UVa is putting on the full court press. Today, it was revealed that Stephen Kendall will not sign with the Cavs this winter, freeing up a scholarship for Dave Leitao.

According to the Times-Dispatch, "U.Va., which has two scholarships for 2006-07, is in dire need of frontcourt help. Heading the Cavaliers' wish list are Duke Crews, a 6-7, 235-pound forward at Hampton's Bethel High, and Jonathan Mitchell, a 6-7, 235-pound forward at Mount Vernon High in New York. They're rising seniors ranked among the top 100 prospects in the nation's Class of 2006."

Again, it seems that TC has done everything right in recruiting Mitchell (his high school coach indicated this earlier in the summer). Like Monson with Webster, Leitao was late to this recruiting engagement.....but who knows if that will be a factor.

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