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Friday, January 06, 2006

The AP Checks in on MU While Roquemore Mails It In

Colin Fly continues to give Todd Rosiak a run for his money when it comes to quality feature coverage of the Marquette Golden Eagles basketball program.

In his latest effort, Fly notes that MU has moved on from the upset win over UConn, realizing that the grind of the Big East requires nothing less.

But it didn't take long for Marquette to focus on the remaining 15 conference games this season. Heck, the Golden Eagles failed to even run the first play right on Tuesday night, Crean said. "There's a lot of room for improvement with us," Crean told The Associated Press Thursday night. "Winning the game is a great feeling, but you want to play the full 40 minutes. That's always the goal."
MU hosts the UC Bearcats at the Bradley Center tomorrow. Crean expects a tough, physical battle against Andy Kennedy's team -- perhaps the hottest team in the Big East right now.

"Most of us who played against them expected them to be pretty good. That's a credit to Bob and Andy," Crean said. "They haven't stopped pushing and shoving when the shots go up and they're one of the best weak-side rebounding teams, especially offensively, in America."

Then we have Bobbie Roquemore at the MJS, who is the only person in the country who equates an upset victory with "taking over" the Big East.

Based on every report from the game, nobody from the Marquette program even implied that the UConn win was anything more than one victory, albeit a special one considering MU's entrance into the Big East.

It appears that Roquemore attended her first-ever MU postgame press conference, and figured that the 'grandfatherly' Jim Calhoun was the first person to realize that road games in the Big East are difficult. Somehow, she determined that based on MU's satisfaction with the victory and Calhoun's comments, MU was thinking 'takeover'! Incredible logic, Bobbi.

Since MU's post-game comments were measured and straightforward (both on television and in print -- with multiple examples), one has to wonder how she arrived at this conclusion. Moreover, unlike Colin Fly, its clear that Roquemore did not speak with anybody in the MU program after the game -- nor did she follow up two days later, as Fly did, to check on the pulse of the program.

That Roquemore, who had not covered MU basketball one time during the past year (26 columns), would create her own slippery slope on "The Takeover" demonstrates why she's been relegated to bi-weekly high school athletics columns.

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