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Friday, January 27, 2006

Conference Only Stats Now Available

We are now far enough into the conference season to provide conference only stats. Tempo free stats for the entire Big East are now updated through games played January 25. Some MU individual stats of note. Steve Novak leads the Big East in Points per Weighted Shot (1.51), is 2nd in FG Efficiency (72.7%), and is 1st in True Shooting% (76.3%). You also may be surprised at who is leading the conference in Offensive Rebounding %! Click here to find out who it is.

On the team side, it's easy to see why this year's team has been so enjoyable to watch. We are 4th in pace of play at over 68 possessions per 40 minutes, 4th in Offensive Efficiency at 1.09 points per possession, and 2nd in FG Efficiency at 54.9%.

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