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Friday, August 25, 2006

Who deserves a bobblehead?

Hey, I have no idea but a commenter - - the mysterious Anonymous once again - - wonders:

Will MU follow recent history and offer a Steve Novak Bobblehead? If so, who else on the above list (the post on the 2008 roster) will be bobblehead worthy in the future? What earns a bobble head?
This is the latest in a series of major issues we take head-on here at the blog. What say you all?


Anonymous said...

I'll bet MU does a bobblehead every year from now on. It's just one of those giveaways that people love, and they have a budget for it.

Novak will get a bobblehead in the NBA. I'd rather have a Joe Chapman bobblehead sitting on my desk. All heart, all toughness. Great kid.

Anonymous said...

I think for current players making it to the NBA is how you get your bobblehead. What will make people who don't already go to every game attend next year: A Steve Novak bobblehead or a Chris Grimm bobblehead? While there are a lot of players from the past that they could do bobbleheads for, only a few have the name recognition to casual fans or young fans to entice them to go to the game to get the bobblehead. Novak is definately getting a bobblehead, and anyone on this team that goes to the NBA is likely to get one too.

Anonymous said...

There are bobble heads (Wade, Diner) and mini-bobbleheads (Lucas, etc.) Seems like Novak will get a bobblehead ... any of the older names are more likely mini-heads.

Anonymous said...

How about a Chris Farly bobblehead?