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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Support Al's Run for Children's Hospital

OK folks, one of Milwaukee's finest traditions is upon us, the 29th Annual Al's Run for Children's Hospital will be held on Wisconsin Avenue in the heart of campus. The run is sponsored by the good folks at Briggs & Stratton.

This year Alum91 over at Ring Out Ahoya! launched a massive pledge drive for the run. I'm proud to say that I've donated this year, and hope you'll give strong consideration as well.

Children's hospitals are extraordinary places where miracles happen every day. The care kids receive at these facilities is vital - - and is specifically tailored to their unique needs. To continue offering great care for our kids, the hospital needs support from the community. Last year Al's Run generated more than $1 million for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Let's help Alum91 push that number up in 2006.

Want to donate? It's very easy, just click on this link.

Still not convinced? Check out Tom and Joani Crean -- the Grand Marshals for this year's event.

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