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Friday, September 01, 2006

What's Next for the Bradley Center?

........according to onmilwaukee.com, the next two years are critical to the future of the Bradley Center and/or the potential of a new facility for MU, the Bucks and the Admirals. The Bucks agreed to a short-term lease, and now the commission will negotiate with MU and the Admirals on the same timeline.

Considering 2006 is an election year, its doubful that this situation will be resolved in the short-term. However, assuming Senator Kohl is re-elected this November, the Bradley Center issue quickly will become a hot-button issue in 2007.

The Bradley Center Board and the Bucks earlier this month agreed to a new lease, keeping the team in Milwaukee through the 2007-2008 season. The board will now work to finalize new leases with the Milwaukee Admirals and the Marquette University, said Ulice Payne Jr., chairman for the center's board.
Check out the article here.


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Has nothing to do with the Bradley Center, but Al's retirement made SI's most Memorable Farewells (how could it not!).


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