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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Big East Transfers: Maurice Acker

Nice work by the Big East Basketball report in their latest entry on impact transfers for the upcoming season. The author has good info on Maurice Acker - - a key for MU this year.

Anybody remember how predictable and boring MU's offense became last season when Jerel McNeal went down with a wrist injury? .........that can happen when your team only has one other player who can penetrate and create opportunities for his teammates. MU became incredibly easy to defend after McNeal went down - - shades of the Mike Deane offense were dancing in my head.

Well, this season Tom Crean will have three guys on his roster who can penetrate, create their own shots, and improve looks for others (not to mention the flexibility of playing DJ at the SG slot a bit more). The result? A more dynamic offense -- which has the added benefit of making snipers like Dan Fitzgerald, David Cubillan and incoming freshman Scott Christopherson potentially more effective from beyond the arc.

Look at it this way. Last season, folks figured MU had the best backcourt in the Big East -- and that was before anybody saw what the surprising David Cubillan could do on the court. Those guys are all back this season. Adding a unique, productive player like Maurice Acker into the mix will magnify MU's advantage in the backcourt this season.

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