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Thursday, February 21, 2008

MU signees continue fine seasons

MU's most balanced recruiting class in years continues to deliver memorable seasons at their respective programs this winter. Of note:


Norman Rose said...

Tyshawn Taylor is nice. Good get for Marquette. his end to end speed will give St. John's fits for years...

The East Coast Bias

Anonymous said...

Erik Williams is rising fast among the 2009 crop. He is top 50 nationally in many recruitng polls. He's not a big man but at 6'6 he can rebound and is the heir apparent to Lazar Hayward. We really need that kid from Racine I think his name is Jamil Wilson.wgh

Anonymous said...

Eric Williams broke his ankle in January. Before he did he was a stud averaging about 19pts and 8 rebs. He'll be a star at Marquette. I think 2009-10 will be MU's best team since the 70's. Hayward will be Senior, Mbakwe will be a stud, Williams is nice, Tayshawn Taylor and Nick Williams will also be stars and Cubillian will be solid. Otule is also coming along as is Fulce. Projected starters: 2009-10

Nick Williams
Tayshawn Taylor
Trevor Mbakwe
Eric Williams
Lazar Hayward

and 2 more recruits

Final Four Potential