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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Seton Hall Preview

Tonight shapes up to be a pivotal game for Marquette. Now firmly into the highly-scrutinized "last ten games" of the regular season, MU has started off 0-2. Standing at 6-5 in conference, a loss tonight would squarely place the post-season in jeopardy. It's been since 1979-1980 that the team made the NCAA tournament three years in a row, and everyone wants to see that long streak end.

In our numbers recap from the last game against Seton Hall, we showed exactly how ugly that game was. Seton Hall fared better in Turnover Rate, Offensive Rebounding, and Free Throw Rate. With all that, as well as holding Marquette to a then-season low in Offensive Efficiency, it's fortunate that our team was able to win. Considering that everyone expected a track meet last game, let's see how the pace ends up tonight.

Here are the Top Five Numbers for Seton Hall, with information from Pomeroy's Scouting Report and Game Plan.

  • 76% - Pomeroy predicts a 76% chance of winning
  • 5 - Seton Hall is ranked #5 in the country at protecting the ball. They turn the ball over on only 15.8% of all possessions.
  • 11 - Seton Hall is ranked #11 in the country at Steal Percentage. They get a steal on 13.7% of all defensive possessions
  • 31 - That's the jersey number of 6'9", 265 lb F John Garcia. Garcia is #10 in the country at Offensive Rebounding Percentage (16.1%)
  • 20 - Despite all of the recent struggles, Marquette is still considered a top 20 team by Pomeroy at both Offensive and Defensive Efficiency. We are #18 and #19 in the country, respectively.

  • Rosiak has a nice story on Lazar, including some discussion of Hayward being eligible for League's Most Improved Player.
  • Rosiak's blog was busy the last few days, with updates from the polls and a quick look at Seton Hall (scroll down)
  • GoMarquette.com preview, including a link to the game notes
  • NJ Star Ledger looks at Seton Hall, with a focus on the Big East Tourney
  • PirateCrew.com has a preview of tonight's game


Anonymous said...

This is a huge game for Marquette. Huge!

Lose this game and we will really find ourselves on the bubble, especially with tough road games against Villanova and Syracuse coming up, as well as home games vs. Pitt and Georgetown.

I'm not sure Crean would be comfortable having our team's body of work under the Selection Committee's microscope given the Bradley Center's non conference schedule he used to pad our record.

I know I wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your insight. So who are you rooting for tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow I have no rooting interest in any team.

Who are you rooting for tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Tonight, my mistake. Of course Marquette. And you?

Anonymous said...


Why does pointing out our bubble status mean a poster is rooting against Marquette?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't answer the question eh hun?

Anonymous said...

This is a big game, must win! As for our program 5 years after a final four run, check out the top 150 recruiting, look at Marquette, we have a 101 and a 145 on the list. We are not getting the big names. Look at Louisville, Memphis, etc, even Wisconsin. Why are we not getting these top guys, especially big men?

Anonymous said...

You seem really helpful. Tom Crean could use someone like you. Have you ever thought about being an assistant for Tom?

Anonymous said...

I am feeling good about tonight. This team is not top ten, but they are better than they have been playing.

This is a good test of Crean to see if he can get them mentally ready for the end of the season. Their yearly lull has occurred earlier this year, so they should be able to come back if he can get their heads on straight.

Anonymous said...

Dude, either TC is winning with substandard recruits (meaning his system is what's getting the wins) OR the Rivals Top 150 is a load of garbage.

Your choice.

And for the record:

2003 - #37 Dameon Mason

2005 - #61 Dominic James
2005 - #85 Wes Matthews
2005 - #99 Jereal McNeal

2006 - #73 Lazar Haywood

FYI, Brian Butch was ranked #9 in 2003 - FIVE SPOTS AHEAD OF CHRIS PAUL. Butch has been good, but like I said seems that the Top 150 is a load of garbage (Proof, neither Dwyane Wade or Alando Tucker were ranked in the Top 150 their senior years in High School).

Anonymous said...

I'd volunteer to be an assistant for Crean, but I'm not sure there's any money left in the budget!

Anonymous said...

That dude is just a closet Crean hater. Its the same trash he keeps posting with some small variation.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Dr. Jekyll. It's 40 to 22 at the half. Wonder which set of warriors will show up for the second half.