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Monday, August 25, 2008

Jamil Wilson now a legitimate possibility?

With the surprise departure of Trevor Mbakwe from the basketball team over the weekend, does this mean Jamil Wilson's chances of ending up in blue and gold have increased significantly?

I'll say a speculative yes to that. Though MU continue to recruit Michael Snaer, one of the top recruits in the country, there is plenty of competition for his services and geographical prejudices to potentially stifle his commitment. Jamil Wilson, on the other hand, as recently as two weeks ago still listed Marquette in his final list despite MU not having any scholarships available. Michigan State has recruited him hard, but it seemed MU was at or near the top of his list for months when Tom Crean was still the head coach. Now, with a spot open and Buzz Williams desire to balance out the scholarships by position, this could mean Wilson's MU opportunity has taken a huge step in a positive direction.

Wilson still plans on waiting until March of 2009 to announce his school of choice, but one has to wonder if the latest turn of events puts MU back near the top for this SE Wisconsin player. Or will Coach Williams sign someone else in the meantime?

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Anonymous said...

Hell Nah! You know MSU has got him on lock!!!