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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Media updates and more

As the dog days of summer wear on, bits and pieces of news and information related to the Marquette basketball program continue to pop up.....here's a quick look at the latest:

Finally, kudos to Marquette University for fully embracing the digital age. In case you haven't noticed, Marquette has been slowly satisfying the desire for constant news about the basketball program through a steady stream of podcasts and video clip releases.

  • Want to listen to player and coach interviews on your iPod? Then visit Marquette's podcast website. You could also just download the MP3's directly. Here are links to the files for Joe Fulce, Jimmy Butler, Liam McMorrow, Chris Otule, Assistant Coach Aki Collins, and the most recent entry, Steve Novak. Personally, we found the interview with Aki Collins to be the most insightful.
  • Want some video with your Marquette hoops? Then look at how the summer includes video production. Or you could realize exactly how weak you are by looking at the Record Setting Summer in the Weight Room.
  • Maybe you want to take Marquette on the go? You can sign up for Marquette Mobile, where you can register for Mobile Headlines and Score Alerts. You can even pick up Marquette Wallpaper and Ringtones. Too bad Marquette Mobile costs $3.99 / month. Although we have to wonder why the Athletic Department couldn't have found some way to make that free. How about to season ticket holders? We know you already have our phone numbers.
  • Finally, if that's not enough, feel free to search through Marquette All-Access. There is a ton of archived information.

We think it's great that Marquette is moving towards more self-generated content. It's the natural evolution of PR and Marketing, and allows the university to more effectively manage the perception of its brand. Besides, it's not as if Marquette can expect local media to report on the team on a regular basis...

**Thanks to Henry Sugar for his contributions to this post.

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Tim said...

Just listened to Big East Cast. It appears there will be no Dante this year. Too bad, though Brendon carried this installment well by himself.