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Thursday, September 04, 2008

MU Releases Schedule

Here it is, Warrior Fans:


Colorado State-Pueblo Sun. 11/8 1:00 (exhibition)
Houston Baptist Sat. 11/14  7:30
Chciago State Tues. 11/17  7:00
UWM 11/22 Sat. 7:30
Texas Southern Tues. 11/25 7:00
Northern Iowa Fri. 11/28 7:30 Chicago
Dayton Sat. 11/29 7:00 Chicago


Central Michigan Tues.12/2 7:00
Wisconsin Sat. 12/6 8:30
IPFW Sat. 12/13 1:00
Tennessee  Tues. 12/16 8:30 Nashville
Western Carolina Fri. 12/19 7:30
@ NC State Mon. 12/22  6:00
Presbyterian Sat. 12/28 1:00


Villanova 1/1 1:30
Cincinnati 1/4 TBA
@ Rutgers 1/7 TBA
West Virginia 1/10 TBA
@ Providence 1/17 TBA
DePaul 1/24 1:00
@ Notre Dame 1/26 6:00
Georgetown 1/31 TBA


@ Depaul 2/3 TBA
@ South Florida 2/6 TBA
@ Villanova 2/9 6:30
St. John's 2/14 TBA
Seton Hall 2/17 TBA
@ Georgetown 2/21  11AM
UConn 2/25 6:00


@ Louisville 3/1 11AM
@ Pittsburgh 3/4 6:30
Syracuse 3/7 TBA


Unknown said...

This is the best schedule they've had in many years.

One more reason (as if we needed another) to thank God in Heaven that the biggest phony in college basketball is now coaching Indiana.

Championships Matter said...

Dayton, Tennessee, Wisconsin, NC State -- even UWM -- is a general improvement over past years. Now, get rid of the Protestants (the Baptists and the Presbyterians)and stick with the Catholics (i.e., Loyola, Gonzaga et al).

Here's to a great season!

Chuck said...


A lot of the preliminary scheduling is done a year in advance. Most of the stuff is just finalizing and TV negotiations in the summer. Crean probably was responsible for 90 percent of the non-conference schedule. And as far as the Big East schedule goes, Crean is a big reason why MU is in the Big East
so he's responsible for almost all of the schedule.
It's understandable that you're angry at Crean, but don't be blind, be objective.

Unknown said...

I'm not "angry" at Crean. I cannot stand him. He had nothing to do with the NC State game. Nothing to do with the Wisconsin game, fought like heck to stop us from playing UWM. So what exactly is he responsible for non-conference wise this year?

He's a complete tool and I'm glad he's gone. I'm not angry whatsoever. I'm elated.

Chuck said...

Crean is responsible for the majority of this season's non-conference schedule. Your original post implies that Crean had nothing to do with this year's schedule. That's incorrect.

You say you "cannot stand him" but are "not angry." Not being able to stand someone requires a degree of anger toward that person.

And MU plays Wisc. every year, so that's irrelevant.

Unknown said...

Wow, those last 5 conference games. What a killer way to end the conference season. We will need mental and physical toughness and durability and a lucky bounce here or there.

Unknown said...

Let's review our non-conference schedule:

Colorado State-Pueblo is a Buzz Williams connection and was a recent addition.

UWM was added last year. much to the chagrin of our tan former coach.

We play Wisconsin every year, so you can hardly say anybody is "responsible" for this game.

Tennessee is part of our Big East affiliation.

And we just agreed to play NC St. in the last few weeks.

So if Crean is "responsible" for 90 percent of our games, I'll give him credit for:

Houston Baptist Sat. 11/14 7:30
Chciago State Tues. 11/17 7:00
Texas Southern Tues. 11/25 7:00
Northern Iowa Fri. 11/28 7:30 Central Michigan Tues.12/2 7:00
IPFW Sat. 12/13 1:00
Western Carolina Fri. 12/19 7:30
Presbyterian Sat. 12/28 1:00

Thanks Coach Crean. You're the best person, best coach, most genuine person that's ever graced Marquette's campus.

J.J. Pauly said...

who cares who's responsible for the schedule. it's an improvement. move on.