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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gameday closes in: media updates

Plenty of coverage for the opening round of the 2009 tourney:

As always, get over to MUScoop to see what the MU fanbase is saying about the tourney.


Championships Matter said...

OK gang, not even I'm pessimistic enough to believe we're going to be upset by Utah State. They're the type of team we've creamed all year. Big, slow, overly patient.

Perhaps this is the medicine we need to get Wes and Jeral back on track.

Sounds like the media is hunting for upsets and this is what happens when you let statistics overrule common sense. Utah State fans are pointing to our record during the last six games but conveniently forgetting that we played six Big East teams that collectively, are among the 15 or 20 best in college basketball.

If Utah State played the same Big East schedule we did, the Big East teams' walk-ons would be getting significant second half playing time.

Look, I don't have Marquette in my final four bracket. I have serious doubts we're going to be alive Sunday night after Mizzou. But it will be a serious downer, on par with Miami of Ohio in 1978 or Ohio State in 1971, if we're heading home from Boise on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Unknown said...

Utah States coach said he is focusing on our guards (Jerel and Wes). Jimmi and Lazar should be pouring them in then.

Anonymous said...

@Championships Matter

Not even best 15 or 20...Connecticut, Louisville, Pitt, Syracuse, and Villanova are probably among the best 5 or 10 teams in the country.

And I think Marquette will be able to handle the raucous Boise, ID crowd after playing games at Pitt, Louisville, Villanova, and Notre Dame this season. Please.

Sean Heffernan said...

I just hope MU doesn't get looped into relying on the three ball too much. If we get cold our offense goes kaput. We need Wes and Jereal penetrating all game. Check out this article about how no matter what happens in the tourney this season will always be a "what if?" because of the injury to James.


Championships Matter said...

Thank you Demon boy.

The only reason I used 15 to 20 was that St. John's dragged us down a bit. At the median, you're right but the Johnnies drag the average waaayyyyy down.

Look, everyone likes an underdog, but we're a Top 25 team for a reason and the ONLY rationale for Utah State even having a prayer is that Dominic is benched.

Look, we'll be fine Friday. It's Sunday that may end Wes and Jeral's careers.