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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Updates, updates, updates

The news flow surrounding the Marquette hoops program has slowed a bit in the early stages of the off-season but in the last few days several developments emerged:

........stay tuned.


Unknown said...

Doug Gottlieb of ESPN.com recently posted end of the season grades for schools in the top 6 conferences and some mid majors. Marquette received and A and here is what he wrote: "When healthy, they were outstanding. Who knows what would have happened had Dominic James not broken his foot." Couldn't have agreed more.

I actually picked Villanova to go to the Final 4, which helped me win my bracket pool. Anyway, I think Marquette and Villanova were very simiilar and could have shared similar post season fates. Alas...

Unknown said...

Liberty University is creepy