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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Marquette moves to 2-0

Last night the new look Marquette Warriors defeated the Maryland-Eastern Shore Hawks 86-60. Senior forward Lazar Hayward led the squad with 28 points and 8 rebounds. Jimmy Butler landed up with 13 points and seven boards while Dwight Buycks and David Cubillan each finished with a dozen. Cubillan also had six assists.

Marquette led 40-33 at the half and used a pronounced turnover advantage to stretch the lead throughout the game. Buzz Williams' squad forced the Shore Hawks into 19 turnovers while coughing the ball up just nine times and shooting better than 52% from the floor.


ESPN Box Score
AP Recap
Journal-Sentinel on Hayward stepping up in the win.
Rosiak blogs a recap -- which includes news that Fulce injured his other knee and a reminder that freshman big man Yous Mbao regains his eligibility for Saturday's tilt against Grambling.
Sportsbubbler photos from the win.
MUScoop posters wonder why freshman Erik Williams remains buried so deeply on the bench. Williams did not play last night but Robert Frozena broke a sweat. Williams only saw two minutes of action in the 23-point blowout of Centenary to open the season.
At 2-0 the fan base is becoming more optimisitic.

Here is Buzz Williams' post game press conference

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