"My rule was I wouldn't recruit a kid if he had grass in front of his house.
That's not my world. My world was a cracked sidewalk." —Al McGuire

Monday, December 14, 2009

Jeronne Maymon quits Marquette Men's Basketball Team

News out of Milwaukee is that Jeronne Maymon has quit the Marquette University men's basketball team.

Not much information at this point, only what's on Rosiak's blog


The beat goes on for Buzz and the boys. One has to wonder if Tom Crean were the coach how many cackles among the MU faithful this would bring?


Championships Matter said...

For everyone who wants to do bodily harm or otherwise express anger to Jerome, please remember he is a 19-year-old who is living away from home for the first time.

How many of us could hold up under the pressure cooker that is Big East College Basketball?

Jerome is not a professional and, as such, should be playing as part of a broader college education. Clearly, something went wrong inside him to make him realize Marquette might not be the right place for him. Or playing basketball at this moment might be wrong.

There's thousands of reasons why Jerome might have "quit," whatever that means. Cut him some slack and hopefully as he does some soul searching about himself and his future, he does what is best.

As an MU grad who found a pretty good career after college, I hope he finds his way back to Marquette and to the classroom and maybe, the team. But if his success is somewhere else, wish him well, hope he accomplishes what he seeks and let's everyone move on.

Jerome, here's hoping you do what's right for you!

Championships Matter said...
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Unknown said...

Hey Marquette Grad....his name is Jeronne...and give me a break. His home is less than 90 minutes away in Madison. One of the reason's he went to Marquette was to be close to home. Let me guess...they never kept score when you played sports and everyone got a ribbon and trophy for playing? This is a big blow to Marquette.

Beaver said...

Marquette appears unstable, Buzz will get the test that will tell all...or at least alot. Looking forward to seeing what we have here.

Championships Matter said...

Hey Jamie, my guess is you never had a pressure on you in your life -- that everything is roses and you're a Fortune 500 CEO with 2 kids, a lovely wife and a dog.

As for keeping score dude, I work in one of the most cutthroat businesses legally permissible -- it's investment banking and we eat or get eaten. We keep score everyday.

The personal aside, one of the reasons we like seasoned professionals in our business is we know what we're getting. There's a predictability factor not always found in raw talent. As any corporate recruiter will tell you, we make mistakes -- and we've made a few -- but we hope we do well over time. So far so good.

The same can be said of Buzz. He'll make a few mistakes. Heck, he's running a program where your stongest link is a 21-year-old who is juggling a college basketball career along with academics and adjusting to a totally new environment.

Oh, and for the record, when I was at MU, we didn't have blue ribbons, we had national championship banners. Check out the one in the northeast corner of the Bradley Center -- if you can find your way there!

Gene Frenkle said...

Un-effing believable. The hits just keep on coming.

Seriously...what next? Butler going down with an injury? We are so snakebitten with big men, and Jeronne isn't really a true big man, but for this team he is.

Good luck to him. I only hope this doesn't take a huge toll on MU's and Buzz' reputation, especially regarding in-state recruiting.

The bright side is you still have top 100 recruits in Williams, Cadougan, Vander Blue and Jones on their way/here.

Unknown said...

hey championship, before you start commenting on this, you should probably at least know who the kid is. First of all his name is not "Jerome" its Jeronne (dumb ass). And second of all I know him personally so have a nice day!

Packer Pat said...

Calling someone a DA is not necessary, but Championships...talking about your "cutthroat" business on a College Basketball MB is pretty lame. We don't care about your job. Save your thoughts for the next dog walk.
Someone please let us know if this will impact our boy Blue or not.
Also any ideas on what really happened would be nice too. Maybe he just had bad first semester grades coming in.

Unknown said...

Ok it is not going to effect Blue (i know him personally as well). And he quit the team because he fell to the 5th man, and wanted to play 2-4. And hes not big enough to play the big man in college.

Anonymous said...

Mbakwe, Amoroso, Mason, Christopherson, stuff like this happens. The program keeps going, and the kids fall off the map. Long run, I don't see this as a bad thing - unless it affects Blue. Hopefully coach Buzz learned a little something from it, but really, it's all about the kid, his dad, and their hazy illusions of grandeur. Finally, I just don't believe quitting the first day of finals is a coincidence.

Championships Matter said...

My, my my. If I did not know better, I'd think we had a bunch of Domers in here angry about their football coach.

Or a bunch of Bear fans angry and worried about their football coach, rather than a rationale group of Marquette fans who, as was pointed out by one poster, are on the verge of major recruiting coups.

OK, so I misspelled the guy's name. May God save my soul!

First of all guys, are we sure Jeronne is not another Mo Acker who took some time away from the program? Kids are kids and sometimes they just simply lack the maturity to get past the moment, realize their mistake and beg forgiveness. I hope that's all it is but if it is more, life goes on.

Secondly, while he potentially was good addition to our program, it's not like we lost DWade or something. He had some growing to do and, well, I hope he grows, whether it is here or elsewhere.

We'll get through this year and hope for the best. It's next year that I've been excited about and still am.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Championships! And let's see who the Jeronne Maymon scholarship turns into next year.

PieperFan3 said...
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PieperFan3 said...

Jamie...just as other people dont have the right to butt in and say what Jeronne's reasons are for leaving...you dont have any reason to be on a Marquette message board. I know you are a UW fan, who actaully attended Dayton...so stick to those Blogs. Besides, your Bowl Previews could use some work. Thanks.

I would personally like to see Jeronne back in a Marquette uniform. I think we need him to play out of position for us this year, but he will be handsomely rewarded for that in years to come. Yea, he might get some blocked back in his face this year by some 4-5s...but in coming years the scoring will come (and quite a bit easier) when he has the 3s and other "tweeners" guarding him and wont be able to body him the way he may get bodied this year.

I truely hope that HE gets to make the decision and that HE makes it for the RIGHT reasons...MU or not.

Nathan said...

Hey Championships, say hi to Jeronne in 3 years when he is your Assistant night Manager at the McDonalds off highway 94 in Madison

Unknown said...

Hey Pieper,
I am a UW Grad. And I did not know I was not allowed on the Marquette Message Board. It is pretty easy when you are one team, one sport school. Are you from the Obama Admin? You trying control the internet? I'm sorry but your boy champs there is just ridiculous in his white glove treatment of Maymon. He is over 18 years old, if he can't take the heat or work probably best he goes. But it still is going to hurt you guys.