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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Marquette Roars Back Late

Down by 8-10 points until the remaining ten minutes of the game, Marquette went on a 24-0 point run to defeat insurgent Bucknell 72-61. Marquette looked terrible for the first 75% of the game until going on their run. Bucknell had started out strong, but it appeared that fatigue set in during the late game stretch. Bucknell managed only twenty points in the second half. This is the second straight game that Bucknell played a BE team tough on their home floor (they lost to Nova 68-52 on Friday).

Freshman Davante Gardner was a load during the crucial run, and Marquette went to him on several straight possessions to take the lead. Vander Blue also had five straight points to help close the gap. For the game, Jae Crowder also had a double-double with ten points and ten rebounds. Dwight Buycks had a strong game with 17 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 turnovers.

More details later. Rosiak has his blog coverage of the game.

And, I only kind of think those things above happened. In other news, today's game was a comedy of errors for anyone outside the 414 area code. First, the game was not available on any other outlets (such as SNY and MASN, which both elected to show a Big EAST soccer game). Nevermind that this had originally been advertised as a TV game.

Since this the 21st century and internet radio feeds are available, many fans followed along with game tracker and ESPN Milwaukee's internet feed. Except repeatedly, ESPN Milwaukee's Internet radio feed kept switching away from the Marquette game to their national NFL feed. At multiple times this occurred, including during the final stretch run. For the last two minutes the feed just went dead. (Oh, and as I was writing this recap, it cut out again during Buzz's radio interview). What. The. Hell.

Hey, President/CEO Craig Karmazin (ckarmazin@espnmilwaukee.com). Your product failed the Marquette fanbase today.

To the Athletic Department, if you want Marquette to be considered an elite program, how about working to ensure our games are properly broadcast on the TV or over the Internet?


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