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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Marquette Link Bomb

(BE Media Day, Madness, and more)

Yesterday was Big East Media Day.  Marquette was picked to finish sixth by the coaches.  UConn and Syracuse were voted in a tie for first.  As we commented yesterday on twitter, there's not much that separates the #3 and #11 teams this year, so MU is in a good spot.  Putting the homer glasses on, we think a top four finish is reasonable.  Why not?

DJO was voted to the all-BIG EAST first team, joining preseason POY Ashton Gibbs, Jeremy Lamb, Tim Abromaitis, Kris Joseph, and Kevin Jones.  The Predator (Jae Crowder) was voted honorable mention all-BIG EAST.

The Big EAST website has an interview with Buzz Williams.  In refreshing news, Buzz immediately starts talking about how bad MU was defensively (no kidding) despite the strengths offensively.  Crowder and DJO joined Buzz this year for BE Media Day, continuing the tradition of Buzz bringing the seniors for the event.

Note that all those links are direct links instead of from the Journal-Sentinel.  Evidently, Todd Rosiak is no longer the MU beat reporter (boo), and he's been replaced by sportswriting robot Tom Enlund.  I think even the interviews with Dwyane Wade (Wade sees potential, Wade talks lockout) were written by a robot.  We'd ask Enlund if this is true via twitter, except that sportswriting robots don't use twitter.  (editors note:  robots do actually use twitter)

The Paint Touches blog continues to get it done, with a nice feature on Juan Anderson and his versatility.  If you're really looking for a MU fix, they teamed with WMUR Sports for Marquette Madness.  Tons of audio links.

speaking of Madness, here is the 2011 MU Men's Video that kicked off the event

If you didn't catch it, quite a few former players showed up at Madness (Novak, Butler, Hayward, Matthews, and Wade).  Watch the video of them being introduced.  Not to mention RJax, Cordell, and Terry Sanders showing up for the event. 

Or, you could just go and watch (or rewatch) the entire Madness event online now

Finally, if you watch nothing else, take 45 seconds to watch Buzz singing Sweet Caroline.  Then watch it again.  Everything about this clip makes me happy.

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