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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Nothing screams East Coast like Boise, Idaho...but this is the new reality

Boise, Idaho....in the Mountain time zone...a state that borders Oregon which, of course, has it's entire coast on the Pacific Ocean....may soon becoming east. That's right, Boise State may soon be part of the Big East conference. The new realities of conference roulette have resulted in even stranger bedfellows and this one may be the most geographically absurd.

With TCU all but gone from the Big East before it played one game in it's new conference, the league is desperate to add teams to keep the automatic bid for the BCS in tact. Meanwhile, Boise State sits in the top five nationally in football but does not play in a BCS league and is tired of having to align every planet and a few stars each year to have the opportunity. Marriage made in heaven? Not exactly, but certain a marriage of convenience for however long it will last. The idea is to make Boise State a member of the Big East in football only. The Big East grabs a program near the top of the football world the last five years while the Broncos and their blue field suddenly have a much more friendly opportunity to play for a BCS championship if things go their way.

The Star Ledger is reporting today that this marriage is moving fast and we could see something very soon. Pairing up with Boise State would be the Air Force Academy, another school from the Mountain Time Zone. In an interesting twist, apparently the Big 12 also approached the Air Force Academy but the folks in Colorado Springs felt the Big 12 was not a good fit and said no.

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