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Saturday, November 16, 2013

My eyes....my eyes. MU winning streak over, sets new record for futility on offense set in 1948

That was difficult to watch.  In the span of about 2 hours, the longest home winning streak (27 games) in the nation came crashing down in thumping fashion as the Warriors managed to only score 35 total points while losing to Ohio State 52-35.

The game was actually tied at the half at 19-19, before Ohio State asserted themselves with a balance of inside and outside scoring.  For the Warriors, guard play and terrible shooting was their nemesis all game long.  MU finished shooting just 5.6% from beyond the arc on 1 of 18 shooting.  For the game, MU shot under 20%.

MU's point guard play needs significant improvement if they plan to win the Big East conference as the experts have predicted.  Only one assist from Derrick Wilson.   As a team, twenty turnovers to only four assists is a recipe for disaster.

The 35 points scored at home was a record low during the shot clock era for Marquette.  The only performance that rivaled it was last year's NCAA loss to Syracuse when MU managed to score 38, but that was on a neutral court site.   The last time MU scored fewer than 36 points at home was in 1948 when MU lost at home to Wisconsin and managed only  34 points..

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Unknown said...

Derrick Wilson's inability to score is going to plague us all season.

As for Jake, can anybody explain how he even gets on the court? He is no threat off the dribble, and he struggles staying in front of anybody on defense. In the 11 games since Jake had that memorable 4-point play vs. Syracuse last Feb. 25, Jake has shot 4-18 (3-14 from 3-pt.), with most of those misses coming in his 3 starts this season (4-17, and 3-13 from 3-pt.). The Jake experiment needs to end.

Todd Mayo is very inconsistent (11-29, and 3-11 from 3-pt. this season), and he seems to disappear at times when he's on the court. Jamil may be our best outside shooting threat, but he's struggled this year too (8-23, 3-8 from 3-pt.).

There aren't a lot of other options on the bench, so something with the way they play needs to change.