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Monday, November 30, 2015

What a difference a week makes

Just a week ago, we podded about how we were really disappointed in the team's performance to date and were hoping the Iowa result was rock bottom. A week later and we think that may have been rock bottom as Marquette went retro 1950s basketball and came away with two critical wins in New York City and a solid buy win at home. As opposed to walking through each of the wins, we decided to revisit the areas of concern from last weeks podcast and assess if there was improvement or not. We started with the 3 point shooting situation and whether Wojo has shown coaching chops. We transition into how the defense has performed and what the point guard play looks like now and going forward. We also talk about the rest of the non-conference season and what we should be looking to get out of it. Lastly, we talk about the Big East overall performance and how the impacts (hint: it helps) Marquette going forward. Overall much better circumstances then a week ago to pod about. Download this episode (right click and save)

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Rah said...

Wojo should eliminate the NBA style intro theatrics at the Bradley Center and keep the players humble with simple introductions like for the opposing team. Luke needs some yoga and dance instruction to improve his balance. He's getting pushed out of the lane and more shots would fall if he kept his balance. Duane is a head case and a challenge to coach. He needs to sit more and get smarter on how he plays and handles the ball. MU needs to find a way to penalize other teams when they double team Wally or Luke. Someone should be open. The ability to play good defense and avoid turnovers will be the factors between a sub and above .500 Big East record.