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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Marquette's Ranking Among Catholic D1 Programs

With two Catholic schools in the Final Four, and potentially even making it an all-Catholic national championship, I took a look at where Marquette ranked against the other 41 Catholic Schools. Base purely on www.kenpom.com ratings, Marquette is 9th of 42, but the two teams behind them (Providence and St. Bonaventure) both won an NCAA tournament game so I'd say we really rank as the 10th best Catholic school this year.

For anyone wondering, Marist dropped the Catholic affiliation years ago - so are not the 41st team listed - but if you see any other misses let me know. I believe this is the complete list, however.

RankTeam (42 Catholic Teams)Catholic AffiliationConf
1Villanova 1Augustinian BE
10Gonzaga 4Jesuit WCC
15Xavier 1Jesuit BE
25Seton Hall 8DiocesanBE
30Loyola Chicago 11Jesuit MVC
31Creighton 8Jesuit BE
32Saint Mary'sDe La Salle Christian BrothersWCC
35Notre DameHoly Cross ACC
56MarquetteJesuit BE
64Providence 10Dominican BE
68St. Bonaventure 11FranciscanA10
76Boston CollegeJesuit ACC
79St. John'sVincentian BE
97GeorgetownJesuit BE
101DePaulVincentian BE
116Saint Joseph'sJesuit A10
130San DiegoIndependentWCC
139Iona 15Christian Brothers MAAC
147Saint LouisJesuit A10
153San FranciscoJesuit WCC
158La SalleDe La Salle Christian BrothersA10
173DaytonSociety of MaryA10
195SeattleJesuit WAC
202DuquesneSpiritans A10
205NiagaraVincentian MAAC
213FairfieldJesuit MAAC
216St. Francis PAFranciscanNEC
217ManhattanDe La Salle Christian BrothersMAAC
218Saint Peter'sJesuit MAAC
231Loyola MarymountJesuit WCC
240Mount St. Mary'sDiocesanNEC
272PortlandHoly Cross WCC
274Santa ClaraJesuit WCC
290Holy CrossHoly Cross Pat
293FordhamJesuit A10
306Sacred HeartDiocesanNEC
313St. Francis NYFranciscanNEC
321DetroitJesuit Horz
322Loyola MDJesuit Pat
342Incarnate WordSisters of CharitySlnd

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