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Friday, May 05, 2006

Belleville News-Democrat: Trend Signs with MU

Here's an article on Trend Blackledge from today's Belleville (IL) News-Democrat. In the article, Trend indicates how excited he is about going to "high major program like Marquette" to play in "the top league in the country".

Per TC's comments, Trend should expect to spend plenty of time in the Bill and Gwen Cords Strength and Conditioning Center at the Al. Also, looks like Trend will have to choose another course of study while at MU (unless the university has a new phys educ program -- readers, let us know) Here's the entire article.


Anonymous said...

Where is Amo transfering to. I wish him the best of luck. Sorry he is leaving.

Tim_Blair_fan said...

I like that he's flashy enough to have a nickname, scores many of his points on wild jams, and loves to block shots. I don't like that he thinks he can shoot the three and hoisted 35 of them, making only 7. I could see starting as a defensive energy guy and developing into a lock-down defender brought into games to shut down hot opposing players who play anything from shooting guard to power forward.

Tim_Blair_fan said...

Looks like Terry Reason, plays like Tony Reeder, would love to see him go head-to-head with Stemler in the 2007 NCAA Tournament.