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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Draft Express Evaluates Steve Novak Workout

The folks at DraftExpress.com are evaluating the possibilities of a number of NBA prospects and today take a look at a recent workout by Steve Novak. Recently he attended a workout in suburban D.C. that also featured Rudy Gay, Justin Gray and Alex Loughton.

Here's few quintessential excerpts on Novak:

"Novak is a crafty senior who is already superb at what he does well and is ready to step into his likely NBA role from day one..........."

".........All in all he seems like the type of guy people will look back at in a few years and wonder how in the world he was drafted behind certian players who ended up being busts when the writing on him was all over the wall."

Read it all here- - the DraftExpress team was thoroughly impressed with Novak's performance and NBA potential.

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