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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lazar Hayward Update?

GE1974 at MarquetteHoops uncovered the latest info on Lazar Hayward's eligibility issue -- or at least the latest speculation.

It seems that a blogger at Fox Sports claims to have inside info on Hayward's eligibility hiccup:

"According to a source, the problem with Hayward stems from the fact that his old high school, Buffalo Traditional, closed down and some records haven't been able to be found."
Amazingly, we have confirmed that the Buffalo Public School district survived the closing of Traditional High School and successfully managed the transfer of its student population to other locations. We're guessing the records of current and previous students were also taken care of as part of their standard operating procedures (especially since the transcript would have been required for admission at Notre Dame Prep).

Oy. Here we have a claim drop in from out of nowhere -- with no viable source willing to go on the record, appearing on a blog that has never covered MU before. Consider me unconvinced.


High Power Rocketry said...

: )

Anonymous said...

"For the schools that remain under review, a list which includes Oak Hill Academy (Va.), Fork Union Military Academy (Va.), Bridgton Academy (Maine), Notre Dame Prep (Mass.), Patterson School (N.C.) and St. Thomas More (Conn.), additional information and further examination is needed to determine whether students attending the schools may use academic credentials from these institutions for NCAA initial eligibility purposes."

Hayward went to ND prep...

more of this at...

Anonymous said...

So did Derrick Carecter (Louisville) and Paul Harris (Syracuse). I believe both made it throught the clearninghouse. I do not think the individual clearinghouse investigations are part of the overall investigation of the prep schools.