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Thursday, October 12, 2006

NCAA Partially Clears Hayward

Todd Rosiak landed the scoop last night....here's a link to the article in Friday's paper.

Marquette University freshman forward Lazar Hayward was given the OK by the NCAA on Thursday afternoon to practice with the Golden Eagles, but has not yet been cleared for competition....Hayward will also be able to take part in MU's "Marquette Madness" event tomorrow night to celebrate the open of practice. It's unclear as to when the NCAA will rule on Hayward's eligibility for games.
Good news for MU, I guess. 'Partial' clearance is a step in the right direction but its not necessarily that Hayward's eligibility is due to be fully restored. Still, its great to see the kid have an opportunity to integrate back into the program more fully.


Anonymous said...

Is this the first step to clearing him for game? Is this a sign he will be able to play this year? What is your take\opinion on this? Im kind of confused.

TB said...

I can only look at this as a positive. At least Hayward can become part of the team again -- hopefully he's cleared for the season soon as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why they would clear him for practice & not for competition...doesn't make sense. I'm guessing there's administrative issues from the clearinghouse to make this "formal"...but gave him the OK to practice because it's been cleared.
GO MARQUETTE!!! I can't wait to meet Lazar tonight!

Anonymous said...

When on earth are we going to know if he's eligible? Why is this taking so long?