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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Blogger's View of MU

........a very early preview of MU that is, courtesy of Zuch over at From Way Downtown, the successful spin-off from the world-famous Yellow Chair Sports.

Zuch is counting down the nation's best basketball teams this summer, and slots MU in as the #8 team in the country. Read all about it here at From Way Downtown.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention. I ended up having to knock us down a spot to 9, because I totally forgot to include Michigan State initially. I ended up putting them a spot ahead of Marquette at 8, knocking everyone under them down a spot and just eliminating New Mexico State following Reggie Theus taking the Kings job.

As far as other Big East teams go, I had Louisville at 5, Georgetown 6, Villanova 15 and Syracuse 22

Anonymous said...

Nice job with the analysis, Zuch. I'm not sure I agree that Villanova is the #15 team, but the two Coreys will certainly give them a terrific 1-2-3 punch (along with Reynolds). I just think they lose a lot in Sumpter, Sheridan and Nardi to be ranked at #15. I'd put them more on the top 25 bubble. Time will tell.