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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rosiak reports

Rosiak's blog has a few updates, most notably this succinct assessment of Dominic James' NBA draft prospects:

Considering James hasn't yet hired an agent, turned in a subpar performance at the NBA pre-draft camp and has conducted just one abbreviated individual workout for an NBA team, all signs would seem to point to his returning to MU for his junior season.
We'll see if Todd's sound logic holds up in the coming days.

In reading Todd's recap, I was struck by the apparent distance that has emerged between Dominic and Tom Crean on the point guard's NBA dreams. There's nary a mention of Crean and James sitting down together to go over the results of the evaluation period. In fact, TC points out that they both spoke with the NBA's Stu Jackson ..... separately. That strikes me as odd, just as it did when TC was nowhere to be found when James announced his intention to test the waters. Crean is a coach who is constantly at the side of his players, counseling and supporting them through big-time decisions like this.

Other notes from Rosiak's blog:
  • James will join Matthews and McNeal for the Pan Am Games tryouts later this month (assuming he smartly returns to school);
  • Jerry Sichting's assistant coaching slot has not yet been filled;
  • Crean will practice the team as a group a few times this summer in preparation for the exhibition trip to Canada in September.


Anonymous said...

Re: Crean Missing from DJ's NBA process. I think this is a big indicator telling us Crean probably told DJ he's not ready and DJ being too immature to address the concerns that Crean has about his game/future.

DJ has definitely put himself in the drivers’ seat, and doesn't want anyone getting in his way.

I remember back to when DWade was going through this process after HIS sophomore year. He and Crean were inseparable, big contrast to what's transpiring now.

Makes me wonder who DJ’s listening to instead of Crean?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he may be in the driver's seat right now, but when practice starts he won't be. He will be outworked/outhustled by McNeal. Somehow he has to get back to where he was as a frosh otherwise by yearend his playing time will be significantly reduced.

Anonymous said...

This has been a disastrous decision for James. Even if he comes back, how will be react to being back in college after having his NBA dreams shattered?

I really wonder who has been advising him. There's no way it was Crean. James is a very poor man's Mateen Cleeves -- somebody Crean has a little familiarity with.

Gene Frenkle said...

This happens to the best of 'em. At the end of the day, you have to look at the coaches track record and say, 'is this the coach or the player?'. In this instance, it seems James doesn't want to hear what TC is telling him. It's happened to Izzo three times (guys going pro that he didn't think were ready). We'll see. I hope the best for the kid, but man, it seems like there's a big disconnect between him and TC now.

Anonymous said...

Live and learn. He will only be a Junior. Now DJ will probably realize the player he really needs to be versus the player he thought he was. I say welcome him back.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the real reason for the "separateness" is that school is out and DJ is not on campus. So, a face-to-face is not really possible. I think people are reading too much into this.

Anonymous said...

True, TC and DJ may not both be in Milwaukee. But you would THINK that they would at least talk, be on the same call with Stu Jackson, but they each talked to Stu seperately.

I just hope Stu told DJ to go back for his junior year and raise his game.

Anonymous said...

"I suspect the real reason for the "separateness" is that school is out and DJ is not on campus. So, a face-to-face is not really possible. I think people are reading too much into this."

Right. And there are no conference call capabilities at either the NBA offices or the Marquette basketball offices either.

Anonymous said...

I find it really amazing how some individuals (maybe MU fans) love taking the conspiracy theory on everything. How the coaching staff misdirected DJ into pursuing the draft. How there must be some type of riff between DJ and the coaching staff because they weren't on the same conference call. How if Crean doesn't declare outright he doesn't want a particular open coaching job he is ready to jump ship. Etc. Etc.

Anonymous said...

Re: Conspiracy

Well, duh. Perhaps that's because MU isn't historically forthcoming with information to refute rumors. "Yeah, but they shouldn't have to respond to each and every rumor." -- Well, true. That will simply leave the house on fire.

Anonymous said...

The Ramblings on this and other websites, amount to much less of a 'burning house' than you may think.