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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Student tickets on sale now

$70 and the season is yours, students. Here's the news from MU, key excerpt below.

Marquette reserves nearly one quarter of the Bradley Center for student seating, by far the largest percentage in the BIG EAST Conference. The Bradley Center has announced a $1 per ticket increase per event, which the University has agreed to cover in regards to student tickets.

"Marquette students have greater access and pay appreciable less than their peers at similar schools," said Mike Broeker, Deputy Athletics Director.

Student ticket prices will see a slight increase over the course of the next two seasons, moving to $85 in 2008 and $100 in 2009. The increase this season is the first in nearly a decade and still remains one of the most affordable and accessible in the country at this level.
What do you think? Talk about it here with the community over at MUScoop.

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