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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Haunted Hoops 2007

Last night Marquette hosted their annual Basketball Fish Fry / Haunted Hoops event.


  • The publicity for this event was low, and so was attendance. Easily the smallest crowd to watch a Haunted Hoops since the event began. With a recruit in the house, I don't know why MU doesn't hype this event a bit more. Heck, send out a message to their email list.
  • Scheduling continues to be off kilter. The scrimmage was listed to start at 8pm .. instead, drills continued through around 9pm. Some drills are indeed interesting, though. However, there were three false starts, spanning 45 minutes, for the "children's costume parade" that had kids standing in one spot waiting, moving to another spot, waiting, moving to the floor, waiting. Guys -- these kids have bedtimes, of which, they are far past.
  • Wes really looks great. Shot the ball well, smooth defense. Most improved of the Big 3.
  • DJ played under control .. perhaps too much. Seemed aloof at times. He's still a prime time player.
  • The more I see Acker, the more I like. Quik as in Nestle's Chocolate. Passes and shoots well, a defensive pest. Huge huge addition.
  • Christopherson looked great in drills, Novakian .. but a step slow during scrimmage. If we can pop him free on some plays, he'll be our sharpshooter.
  • I saw Trend hit 11 of 20 from behind the arc in a drill. I do not know what this means. Trend had a great stretch during this 1-on-1 drill, hitting buckets and getting rebounds like crazy. I think he had the longest stretch of keeping the ball than anyone on the team.
  • Cooby had his shoulder wrapped up. Played tough, every minute, though.
  • I hope Tommy Brice picks up chicks at Murphs, because he gets no love (minutes) during public scrimmages.

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Pictures here.

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