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Thursday, January 10, 2008

How healthy is Dominic James?

Perhaps he's not as healthy as we were led to believe yesterday in the Rosiak blog. Check this out from Todd Welter at 620 WTMJ.

I did notice a wrap or soft cast on his right wrist sort of similiar to what Fitzgerald and McNeal were wearing when they had their arm troubles (Fitzgerald left wrist & McNeal with that thumb injury last year).

.......visions of Dan Fitzgerald and Jerel McNeal's injuries......not so encouraging.


Anonymous said...

James is tough, I'm willing ot bet he will play no matter what. I hope he makes up for it by bumping up his assists. I don't want to see his shot off and him trying to correct it becaue of a bad wrist!

Anonymous said...

First off, he should only play if there is no risk of prolonged injury to himself. DJ can be valuable to MU even if he cannot shoot long range. By him penetrating for a short jumper, drive to the basket or dishing it off to a slasher or a perimeter player he will still be of immense value.