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Monday, January 14, 2008

The night Real Chili closed early

With thanks to 1976 MU Alum Jim Antunes, here's his eyewitness report of the night Real Chili ran out chili ----

After a great afternoon of stomping the hated Irish, I made it to Real Chili. There were two counter guys instead of the normal one person. They knew with an early game, they would be busy so they came in at 8:30, an hour earlier than normal. When I got there, just around 5, they took my order and then they started looking VERY concerned. My bowl emptied the stock pot and the next pot was not done cooking. Real Chili literally had RUN OUT of chili. The guy said that they had gone through 15 pots so far that day and they were planning on staying open until 4 AM. The look on people’s faces when they were told that there was no more chili for at least 30 minutes was complete disbelief. I stayed around for about 15 minutes because between the expression on the counter guys and would be customers was priceless.

They finally decided to put a sign up and then lock the door.

The counter guy said that they were so busy, that the cash register would not close because it was so stuffed with bills and they didn’t have time to empty the register.

The counter guy made me promise not to tell the other stores or he would get in trouble. He literally had done everything possible to keep the chili following, but the orders were coming in too fast.

I’ve been there when they ran out of oyster crackers

Went to the store for saltines, but run out of chili – sacrilege.

Wonder if Francis and Blondie ever had that problem.

Now THAT is one for the record books.


Peter said...

which one was this?? i hit the one by the BC right after the game and it was delicious...took a bowl back with me to chicago as well

Anonymous said...

I went to Arby's once by Miller Park and they were out of roast beef.