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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hayward makes All Big East 2nd Team. Butler, honorable mention

The Big East conference announced their All Big East teams this morning. Marquette's Lazar Hayward, a preseason all Big East first team selection, landed on the 2nd team.

A complete list of the teams can be found here.

This is a tremendous honor for Hayward, especially in light of the Big East changing the number of honorees several years ago. It used to be that 11 players made the first team and all rookie teams. Now, only six players make the first team and five additional players make the 2nd and 3rd teams respectively.

Junior forward Jimmy Butler made All Honorable Mention.


Charles E. Donahue said...

How about a comment on the way Buzz coached the loss to Notre Dame. Why would he let Notre Dame get a free look at a three to tie the game. Foul the Irish make them hit 2 from the line and than it's your ball with just a few seconds left. Make a couple free throws and than do the same. Bad coaching!!

TB said...

Lazar was robbed. He had a first-team All Big East season. Gody missed more than 1/4 of the conference season -- a lousy choice. Greg Monroe? Leader of an underachieving team. Lazar was hosed.

Championships Matter said...

Are you kidding me? Sure, we had a crappy game at Notre Dame. But for crying out loud, give Buzz a break.

Yeah, losing to Notre Dame is about as enticing as root canal work. Or putting your dog down. But heck, we must look at Buzz's body of work in 2010 and, frankly, I'm impressed.

So hush! Put your Irish hatred away for a year (there's bigger hurdles ahead) and be thankful for the great job Buzz did to get a good team into the NCAAs.

He looks a lot like Al did in the 1960s. And look what ended up happening!

Charles E. Donahue said...

Look overall Buzz did a great job getting his team to where they are this year. But come on letting any team forget Notre Dame from getting a three pointer to tie they game when you can foul and get the ball back is a no brainer. What is this was the scenario in the tourney would you feel the same way about it?