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Friday, March 12, 2010

MUs weakness: can’t play three games in a row

They don’t play back-to-back-to-back in the NCAAs

For the second time this year, Marquette played for the third straight night, and for the second time, they completely ran out of gas in the final 15 minutes to go. On November 29th it resulted in a 17-point lead slipping away, and tonight it resulted in losing by double digits for the first time all season (MU entered the night as one of only six teams to have not lost by double digits).

This was nothing more than hitting the wall. While some jump on MU for missing free throws, they really rarely miss until they are DEAD – coming into the game 25th in the country at 74.3%. Combining the two games, MU was 16 of 18 from the line until hitting the wall down the stretch, and then made 5 of 19 in the closing 15 minutes and 13 minutes respectively.

On November 29th, Marquette led Florida State 39-22 with 15 minutes to play, and was outscored in the final 15 minutes 35-17 to lose 56-57. On tired legs, they hit 39% of their shots, 22% of their 3-pointers (4-18) and only 52.6% of their free throws (10-19).

Tonight, Marquette battled to stay within 48-47 with 13:34 to go in the game, and then was outscored 32-10 the rest of the way. On tired legs, they hit just 37% of their shots, 30% of their 3-pointers (6-20) and 61% of their free throws (11-18).

On November 29th, MU was 9 of 10 from the line with 15 minutes to go, but could only hit 2 of 8 after their legs died.

On November 29th, MU was 8 of 9 until their legs died with 13 minutes to go, but could only make 2 of 10 after their legs died.

Overall, Marquette is 5th in the country in 3-point shooting (41%) and 25th in the country at free throws (74.3%), and are 17-0 if they shoot just 45% or better overall from the field.

It was a great weekend, beating St. John’s on their home floor and knocking off No. 10 Villanova. A win next Thursday or Friday in the NCAA gets Marquette an off day, and when they don’t play three in a row, this team has been pretty awesome.


Unknown said...

Good observation regarding the tired legs. However, let's not forget that Georgetown was also playing their third game in 3 days too. I'm just glad we didn't have any injuries, like the killer one that sidelined DJ last year.

In any case, fingers crossed that we will not get an 8 or 9 seed, but we will find out soon enough. Given the predictions of the preseason pundits, though, we are playing with house money here on out. So, just one more thing to say...


Unknown said...

Ok, history repeated in regards to playing three games straight. I know people will say Buzz had to play our starters into the ground because we have no bench. But just the same I would of like (wished) to see what had happened if the playing time was split equally between all 9 players. Hence if someone told Buzz each player must play 5*40/9=22 minutes, 13 seconds each what the results would of been. It's ugly watching a team lose simply because they don't have the energy.
Anyway moving on. When we folded against Florida St our next game was NC State. Lots of hype but short on court delivery. Result - Loss to NC State on our home court. The challenge now is we aren't playing NC State (our opponent will be a much better team) and we won't be on our home court. Get ready Marquette!
In any regards, congratulations, great season Marquette!

Unknown said...

After a win over Villanova I believe the committee needs to look at us more in the 6-7 range vs. the 8-9 range. Certainly do not want a date with a #1 seed in the 2nd round.

Smoove said...
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JohnPudner said...

Yes, Georgetown was playing a 3rd straight day too as was Florida State, but I think the key is that it hurts us much more because of the lack of a deep bench and having to hustle so much and body up with bigger players because we are small. Wtih a guy like Monroe, GU didn't have to expend teh same energy.

Thanks all for reading. Can't wait for the Selection Show!