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Thursday, March 18, 2010


....and the season ends. Washington 80, Marquette 78.

Ultimately the Warriors were unable to protect a 15-point second half lead and showed nerves rather than poise down the stretch. In the game's critical final stages Marquette was no match for the Huskies, committing two turnovers and surrendering five offensive rebounds in the game's final 3:33 which led to four of UW's final six points. Incredibly, UW only had six offensive rebounds on the night but with the game on the line the Huskies gave no quarter.

Marquette finishes the season with a record of 22-12. Senior Lazar Hayward led MU with 20 points. Senior David Cubillan scored 14 points and pulled down eight boards while senior Maurice Acker finished with 13 points and five assists. Gentlemen, thank you for leading this overachieving bunch to such a memorable season.

Rosiak recaps the loss in his blog.
Box Score


Unknown said...

Let me be the first to comment. Another blown lead. Wash. hitting the lane and banking shots off the glass with ease. Stupid fouls and untimely turnovers. As we all know, THERE IS A GLARING NEED FOR A BIG MAN.

Yes, it was a bonus to be here at all this year, but we blew it again. Stanford, Mizzou and now Washington. Why can't we hold at lead????? Does anyone think Buzz was outcoached? Sorry, just frustrated as I was making plan for Sweet 16 party.

Dirty Water Warrior said...

I'm angry and I'm bitter. Marquette never should have blown that lead. They always play too loose with a double digit lead. Either way, don't forget to give the zebras an assist. They didn't blow the lead or give up the offensive rebounds but, the officiating was suspect at best. Way too one sided. We deserved better ...

I apologize, but c'mon

Anonymous said...

Yes, Buzz was outcoached. He usually comes up with a nice initial gameplan but struggles to curb the other team's momentum.

BTW, was there any defensive strategy for that last play other than to have Butler play rotten defense (for the fifth game in a row) and Lazar to stand there like a statue and not bother to help out?

And this was not a "special" season, by any means. The Big East was just flat out overrated, which has been shown by the brutal showings in both the NCAA's and NIT.

TosaGuy said...

The cliff jumpers need to chill.

Hayward picks up 3rd foul and Wash rightly starts assaulting the lane. What is Hayward supposed to do...foul out of the game?

Butler played Poindexter to drive left instead of right. What is he suppoosed to do, play tighter and get blown by for a dunk or sag and let him pop an easy jumper?

Great game and a great season. MU was 8-8 in close games...probably about right.

Let the Vander Blue era begin!

Unknown said...

They certainly need some bigs that can pass. Whenever MU went somewhere in the NCAAs they had one or two. I think Buzz got more out of these guys than we ever thought, especially after losing most of the close games early on. Remember that Washington just won the Pac-10 title and are on the uptick. Yes MU blew it but they evidently played very well. One or two breaks the other way and we are playing for a shot at the Sweet 16.

At least we can moan about the overachievers. Things change. Think of this - did you ever think that you would see a year where UCLA, Indiana, and North Carolina had such ROTTEN seasons? Ease up. Things can be worse. It could be raining!